The Caskey Family

The First Week
January 11, 2012, 9:05 pm
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For those that have asked, church was great on Sunday.  We went as regular members and observers, the head deacon preached and conducted the service.  Jeremy asked if we could spend the first week observing, especially since we drove into town the day before.  We now have internet, so I feel more connected, but actually enjoyed the break from lots of technology (though I still had cell phone service and access to email, so really, it wasn’t anything!)

Elijah starts school tomorrow.  He is very excited, and mommy is nervous.  We visited his class, took them cookies and juice for a little social time to meet Elijah.  His teacher is amazing, having taught first grade in that very classroom for 27 years.  Elijah makes the 14th child in his class, and is with two other preacher’s son’s.  One he already knows, and the other who lives down the road from us.  There are three first grade classes, so the chances of him getting into the class with another Elijah C and two other PK’s. . .well, we’ll just say that this is another proof that nothing happens by chance. 

On a little bit of a humorous note, the girls seemed really smitten by him (if you read this and are tempted to mention this to him, RESIST the temptation. . .I don’t think he noticed anything about the girls, and I really like that he DIDN’T notice!!)  He hardly talked while we were there, so maybe he came across as the strong silent type.  Right now he is in a small cluster of ALL BOYS, and they were very excited to help him out and tell him all about things in the class. 

I will be doing home school with Micah and Merry tomorrow.  I’m very excited about that!  Jeremy will be again at work in his office at the church.  He “started” officially today, even though he already made his first hospital visit and has spent lots of time meeting and getting to know people.  Jeremy is a terrific administrator, so he has everything pretty much lined up and planned out for the service on Sunday.  

Boxes are getting unpacked at a rapid rate, thanks to Jeremy and lots of late nights.  The house is beginning to feel like our own.  For only being here barely five days, I’m really happy with our progress. 

We live on a major road, and it is a small town, so we have had several “drop-ins” each day, most from church members, and usually to bring us something or drop something by, but we can already tell that the “fishbowl” is a reality.  If you would like to pray for us, please pray that people will be drawn to Christ and see HIS glory as they interact with us.  Even as Elijah goes to school, we are praying that he will be a light and that God will use him to bring people to Jesus.

Please also pray for Jeremy as he meets the clergy of the community all at once tomorrow at the “Ministerium” (an interfaith community collaborative).  Please pray for him to have wisdom regarding his involvement with other churches in the community, and how our church can most effectively be a gospel witness in our community.