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June 17, 2012, 8:10 pm
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Things are going so very well here in beautiful Emporium! We are right at our 6-month mark since arriving here, and as summer gains momentum, we are loving the beauty of this country like we never imagined it!

We have been keeping busy with our vegetable garden, and even some flowers, fellowshipping and serving in our church, and having lots of visitors and even traveling a little.

Jeremy just found out that he will be assigned to the Pittsburgh Reserve Unit for his reserve duty when he becomes a chaplain (yes, he finally DID get approved by the board and is waiting for more paperwork to be processed for him to raise his right hand as an officer.) We are so happy that they will work with him around his commitments here at our church in Emporium. It looks likely that he will be able to serve in the reserves and not have to miss many (if not any!) Sundays!

In the meantime, we continue to love ministry here, and the opportunities are endless for serving the body of Christ and reaching many who do not know Jesus.

Today Jeremy was thrilled today to do his first baptisms – eight in all, including our own Elijah.

Videos of the baptisms can be found on our youtube account: The setting was absolutely beautiful in the creek across the road from the church, and when the last person was being baptized, a deer crossed the creek only feet away from us! It was AMAZING!
Jeremy will be posting his sermon (one of the best explanations of baptism I have ever heard!) from this morning on the church website

Elijah finished first grade with honors and is excited for second grade to begin in just about two months. Merry is very excited for Kindergarten to begin as well.