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Potty Training Myth – Part Two. . .
October 30, 2007, 7:08 pm
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To protect the privacy and identity of the innocent, I post this blog without pictures. I’m sure some of you will thank me. . .

I wrote a blog a few months ago stating that we WERE NOT potty training, due to the upcoming move. Now that we are settled, we purchased some VERY cute “big boy pants” for the little man (poor guy, nothing is a secret in his life!) and extra fruit snacks (his favorite incentive) and took our first stab at it on Thursday of last week. We are taking it easy and so far we’ve seemed to have tackled “number one.” We put a pull-up on him when we go out and at nap and bedtime, just to keep the stress down. Once I feel he has mastered knowing when he needs to go, we will graduate to more advanced levels. At this simple level we have only had two accidents since thursday (both on the same day, so we have actually had one out of six days with an accident!)

“Number two” has been quite an interesting challenge. He seems to be afraid of doing it in the toilet. . . even though he goes “number one” on the big OR little toilet all by himself. Please leave comments if you have any ideas or suggestions in this department, or even funny stories about your little ones. . .

Speaking of numbers, we are on week four of our homeschooling, and Elijah is loving it and picking some things up and shocking me at times! You can check out the website where I get my ideas from at Letter of the Week He can recognize the letter B pretty much everywhere. . . he says the sound whenever he sees it “loot(k) mama – BBA!” he’ll say! He’ll see something with words or letters on it, bring it to me and say “where Bba mama?” or if there IS a B somewhere it it, he’ll say, “Loot mama, Bba!” We are having a hard time moving to C and D since he has decided to talk about B all the time, and no matter what we read or look at that has LOTS of D’s in them, somehow he manages to look and find the B’s! Needless to say, we are having a blast with this, and that’s what’s really important right now with his development and learning.

So you can picture us having school, here are some links to some cool “toys” we got for school. . . our favorite is listed first. . . even Daddy has been “learning” with these!

1. Wee Wedgits
2. Wooden Lacing Beads
3. Lauri Number Puzzle Board and Pegs
4. A few Discovery Toys (I have been a fan of these toys/educational manipulatives – finding them at garage sales are the best, but RARE to find, so I’ve finally broke down and bought a few we could use for school)

He gave his sunday school teachers a laugh this week when they told him that “one leper came back” after he was healed and Elijah would say “two!” thinking they were starting him off counting! In the car on the way home from church we talked to him about his sunday school lesson, and asked him how many lepers came back, and he answered correctly with one finger in the air “ONE!”

Merry is so close to walking and is taking a new interest in the toilet herself (thanks to big brother’s new skill there!) Sigh. . . I guess I’ll get a breather in 6 or 7 years!

Merry Doing Dishes
October 19, 2007, 6:18 pm
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Yes, she’s almost walking!!  Both children love the dishwasher!dscn3490.jpg

Dis’ My Sitser (Sister)
October 18, 2007, 8:55 am
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Nothing terribly exciting happening right now. Still working on unpacking/decorating and finding a church. We did get to visit Uncle Josh and Aunt Kelly, with cousins Brianna and Josh Jr. at their house in Jacksonville, North Carolina this past weekend – Grandma and Pap were down visiting too. It was good to see everybody. Josh is back from his second tour in Iraq.

We also know that Jeremy will be deployed in the spring for about 6-8 months. Anyone want to come take care of us?

Elijah and Merry are growing up so fast and I had to document a few things that they have done lately.

Merry is standing up on her own without holding on now, and claps for herself. It seems that she may be walking soon. She says mama, dada, something that might be brother, and hi. She LOVES to eat and wants to pick up everything herself and feed herself. She and Elijah are now both in booster seats at the table.

Elijah feeds himself more often and more efficiently with a spoon or fork, can drink out of a big boy cup, he has started singing things and asking for specific songs. He introduced Merry to a little boy that walked up to her at the playground “Dis’ my sitser” very proudly! They play so well together and get so excited when the other one wakes up from naps, or comes home from an outing.

Elijah has totally enjoyed a new book we are using for devotions that my parents had called, The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes. This old one is out of print but can be bought used on Amazon (the new one has corny cartoon drawings -nothing like the old version). He asks for some lessons over, and now seems to understand that obeying God is the same as obeying mommy and daddy.

He is so funny – whenever you ask him a question that is about the bible or God or something, instead of answering “God” or “Jesus” like most kids to every question, he answers “obee” (obey)! I guess you can tell what lesson we have been learning over and over lately!

Merry at 8 months Old
October 10, 2007, 1:27 am
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Merry is growing into such a beautiful young almost-toddler! I had to post some photos that Angie took of her so you all can see her growth! She was teething so badly that morning, check out the drool on the first photo – but of course, Angie caught the few moments she wasn’t showing it!

Pre-Pre-School – Our First Day (Plus)
October 10, 2007, 1:15 am
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Today was our first day of school for Elijah! Our theme this week is cows, and he learned that a baby cow is a calf. We also read some stories with cows in them. Mimi read with us and played on her own while we did some “work.” Here is a picture of him showing me ONE cracker that is a SQUARE (two other things are learning this week). We also began memorizing Genesis 1:1 and reciting Hey Diddle Diddle (it has a cow in it!)


My sisters have asked me “you don’t plan on having him SIT in that desk you bought him, do you?!?!” Today he proved he wasn’t a sitting scholar – I don’t think his bum touched that seat once during our entire school time! I just couldn’t resist a desk with storage in it just his size! (Craigslist, of course!) I’ve been putting little school things in his desk little by little since we got here, and let him look in, but not touch the “fun” things he had to look forward to when “school started” today. It was quite entertaining, but it has also worked well, because I can confine the color crayons and playdough to his desk, and he doesn’t know any difference at this house.


Congratulations my Elijah! I am so pleased with how big you are getting! May your heart learn to fear the Lord, and love wisdom and understanding. . .may it become sweet to your soul! (Proverbs 24:14)

I plan to add to this blog as we progress in our school – so you can return to this blog if you want to see how school is coming along for Elijah.  I’ll not bother everyone with all the details unless you want to look for yourself 🙂

 Friday, October 19, 2007

We worked on week two of the curriculum, but had lots of other things going, so we were a little more flexible.  We continued to work on Genesis 1:1, dropped the nursery rhyme/poem, except for a few readings.  Books about the jungle were sparse at our library, and the one good one was WAY too long for Elijah’s attention span.  We kept reading some of our cow books from last week at his request.  We talked about the animals that live in the jungle, and watched the Lion King – we may rent The Jungle Book from the library this weekend since I can’t find our copy.  I also snagged a set of memory cards from the dollar bin at the BX a few weeks ago that were all JUNGLE animals!  I was so excited, and Elijah has totally liked matching up the cards.

We really worked on the number two and the letter B and practiced recognizing the color green.  I got some good time with him today to sit down and really work on those things from different angles (using our snack, playdough and going through a magazine talking about all the things that started with B, etc.)

UPDATED WITH MORE CAFB pics! Lasts and Firsts – Promised Pictures

2011 Update: I get more hits on this for pics of the AFB housing at Charleston than any other post on my blog. Though we no longer live there, I found a few more pics. We lived on the south enlisted housing, so that is where these pics are taken. They were renovating when we left, including our house, so things may look a little different, though you can get a good idea of the spacing and sizes.

We LOVED living on base because of how close the housing was to work for my husband. He skipped all the traffic getting onto base. If you would like to talk to us about the base, you can email us at if you have specific questions. It is a beautiful area and there are great family activities and community there.

One last visit with some of our friends in Nebraska


Last Sunday at our church in Omaha


Last visit with the Wades – they followed us to Kansas City for some quality family fun time at the Great Wolf Lodge


Elijah and Merry’s first water park experience . . . WOW!


Our house on Charleston AFB – gotta love base housing! Daddy gets the first seat and starts taking inventory


Elijah and Merry’s first SUPER-playground – right out our backyard (whoever designed this playground wasn’t messing around!)  Check out the moss hanging from these trees in our backyard!!  So cool!


Our first visit to downtown Charleston; we bought some flowers at the farmer’s market and Elijah gave Merry her first flower. . . SO sweet!


The next pictures I hope to post are before and after pictures of the inside of our house. We are having fun decorating and making some small progress. I’m so excited to make this house our own!

Just some stats, by the way:

One of the things we just love about our house is how close we are to things, for example, we are about half a mile away from the following (we take the bikes on bike trails to these places often)

Base Exchange



Jeremy’s Work

The Gym and swimming pool

Bowling Alley

Base Theater


By the way, if you are looking for a great church, you will be totally blessed by a visit to our home church there in Charleston “Grace on the Ashley” Totally worth AT LEAST one visit, just to check it out!

Auw Nooo Hause (Our New House)
October 1, 2007, 8:28 pm
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This is what Elijah now calls our home at 1508-B James Avenue, Charleston AFB, SC 29404.  For a while he called hotels and billeting “our new house” so I’m relieved to establish a little more reality in his and Merry’s life with a new home of our own. 

I feel disjointed, out of place, like I don’t fit . . . but I guess that’s how it goes.  Even though it is beautiful here, it still is earth.  I’m trying to just let that feeling sit with me, instead of fighting it – perhaps I should ALWAYS feel a little disjointed here on earth – since I don’t really belong to it.  However, it has hit me harder with this move than any.  Today we finally got a stove, washer and dishwasher that work. . . we’ve been kind of camping out because those items weren’t working. 

God has been so very good to us – when we decided to take on-base housing (the day before our goods arrived) I called my sister Roseann who lives 3 hours away and she drove down that very evening to be here when the movers dropped our stuff off the next morning.  She has a 2-month-old, and her husband is deployed.  PRAISE GOD for SISTERS!!  She has been a lifesaver and a huge help.  Everyone needs a Roseann (to borrow a Dr. Seuss line). 

I will write more when we get internet (tomorrow hopefully) and talk with some of you when we get our phone (which should be on the 3rd or 4th of October)

 1508-B James Avenue

Charleston AFB, SC 29404

(843) 278-2337