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And We Are Off!
July 14, 2014, 12:36 pm
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After two and a half wonderful years in Emporium, Pennsylvania, God has called Jeremy back into active duty military as an Air Force Chaplain.  We got the news of his acceptance several weeks ago, and then very recently he was given orders to Hill AFB in Utah.  For those who want to keep in touch with us, please subscribe to our blog on the upper left-hand side of this blog, and you will get an email sent directly to your inbox whenever I post a new blog.  I wish I was one of those great bloggers who spam people with a daily blog, but I’m not that efficient, so you have nothing to fear.

Life has been a whirlwind as we have enjoyed time away with family as my last little sister married this past weekend (welcome to the family Chris!)  We will report soon to our new assignment, so our upcoming days will be filled with lots of visits with friends, very sad goodbyes and lots of “lasts” that we will remember forever! 

As always, God has been far more gracious to us than we deserve, and the church Jeremy is currently serving in will have no gap in leadership as we leave.  We are excited to see what God will do through the next pastor, Jonathan, who is also my youngest brother.  He and his wife Hannah were unanimously called here very soon after Jeremy announced his resignation.  

Of course, I know that some of you read my blog mainly for the pictures, so here’s one of our extended family at my sister’s wedding.  Jonathan is on the far right with his eyes closed. . .hopefully his congregation won’t be following this example as he preaches 🙂