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Busy-ness Update
March 30, 2008, 11:29 am
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I’ve been keeping busy working on two projects/surprises (one big, and one little) for Jeremy when he returns later this week from training. We will get to spend our 10th anniversary together – we are so excited! We will probably drop off the radar while he is home spending as much time as we can with him. We have some fun things planned, including a one-night/day stay in a cabin at the beach (it was all I could get on this short notice).

He got his assignment for the first half of the deployment, and some people think he’s an idiot, but he’s very pleased with what he got. Most people don’t want that particular assignment because it is a lot of work and “boring.”  What I say to that is, “boring is good when you go to combat!” Nothing over there is safe, aside from God’s protection, so we are grateful for this “possibly-more-safe” assignment.  We are praising the Lord for his mercy on Jeremy so far in this whole process. He is done with training now, just waiting for graduation to come home.

I have lots of pictures to post of things we have been doing, I’m hoping I get some time later today.

Thank you all for your prayers for Jeremy and our family. They mean so much to us, and we know that God hears them and has already answered many of them!

Happy Easter 2008!
March 23, 2008, 12:26 am
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Our Easter season has been very enjoyable. We have been enjoying hearing the Easter story repeatedly as we open our resurrection eggs at least once a day. There are many versions of these, if you do an internet search, you will find many versions, but THIS is the one most like the one we have been doing. Each day, I try to add one more egg to the small wicker basket on the dining room table – and of course Elijah notices the new egg the minute he walks within viewing distance of the table, and he likes to open each egg and talk about each item in the egg. I have tried to get him to tell Merry about the eggs, and his version is pretty cute. Tomorrow they open the fun basket with all the goodies in it to eat and play with.

We went to a Maundy Thursday service at our church, and the choir did the first half of their program, finishing tomorrow morning during the service. I was asked to narrate as Mary Magdalene, along with three gentleman. Tomorrow we also have friends over for dinner after naps and we are potlucking it in a way – everyone is bringing a side dish (we have a ham and someone else is providing a turkey) AND a dessert. So far, I’ve heard that cheesecake, sunshine cake and a bunny (shaped) cake are coming.

Here are some pictures of the egg hunt at Jeremy’s work today. Mimi loved holding her little basket and was much slower moving, so I got a few more pics of her. . . Elijah was off – not terribly productively, but enjoying running! Notice him blowing bubbles (if you look closely, you can see one of the bubbles on the right side of the white V on his sweater vest! Such a big boy! It was beautiful and felt like a beautiful warm spring day!

img_0798.jpg img_0806.jpg img_0809.jpg img_0800.jpg img_0803.jpg img_0815.jpg img_0822.jpg

101st Post
March 19, 2008, 2:39 am
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I just checked my blog stats and noticed that yesterday I posted our 100th post! In less than a year, that’s pretty cool! Thank you to all of you who read and comment on the blog. We love keeping in touch this way – I have been able to keep in touch with so many more people this way, and have been blessed by the gift of your friendships and love shown to us by your encouragement. Here’s to you. . . thank you for loving our family enough to be a regular part of our lives!

Video Updates for Daddy (and everyone else too)
March 18, 2008, 12:51 am
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Here are a few more videos for your torture 🙂 I loved youtube, but Jeremy cannot access it due to military blocking at his training site (even though it is on a personal computer, on personal time, and on a personally paid-for internet service!) We assume it will be even tighter security when he goes to Iraq – IF he even will be able to access internet, so we are going to give this photobucket thing a try, since my friend Stephanie’s videos can be viewed by Jeremy on there.

I’ve posted four new videos, including one of Elijah and Merry’s puppet Lambchop (being used by Elijah in this video) singing various songs. Gave me a giggle!

Our video archives at

They are in chronological order, most recent ones first.

Yeah For Big Boys: Potty Candy, & Other Perks of Growing Up
March 16, 2008, 12:37 am
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I apologize ahead of time for this post. Daddy isn’t able to call tonight, and he HAS to hear about this tonight. . . we are hoping he checks this before bed tonight!

Potty candy does not need too much of an explanation, but here it is, as basic as it is: potty candy is an M&M presented to little boys and girls upon appropriate placement of their waste in the toilet. One candy for number one (no choice of color – just whatever happens to come out of the little container) at least two candies for doing number two with a choice of colors as a bonus (this is bigger than one would think – almost better than the candy itself!)

We’ve seemed to have mastered putting number one in the toilet during the daytime, however, number two always needed a diaper. One day this week he accidentally went NUMBER TWO outside (after he realized that number one could be put on a tree or in the grass if we were away from a toilet.) Then he had two incidents in one day of going number two outside. None in a diaper. I counted this as progress, thankful for anything at this point, and thankful the neighbors weren’t home when he dropped his drawers and left his little surprise on the back lawn. Anyone who has potty-trained a child knows how irrationally desperate we can get during this process! Then, this afternoon he jumped up from what he was doing, announced his need to go number two and raced to the bathroom. He made it in time and went for the first time, of his own initiative number one and two in the toilet! Yeah! Needless to say, he had a good time picking out the colors of his potty candy, and watching mommy do the “potty dance.” So. . . Elijah asked me when we sat down to dinner if I was going to take a picture for Dada of what he had put in the toilet. Thankfully, for your sake, he had already flushed it.

Another milestone was reached today, as Elijah got within 6 inches of a dog, by his own request “Mommy, you hold me, I pet doggie.” He didn’t actually pet our neighbor’s dog, but got very close, smiled and talked to the dog. Very sweet! Our neighbor (a Mommy of boys herself) asked Elijah if he wanted to get on the trampoline with her. . .and he agreed, much to my surprise! He has not enjoyed a trampoline yet in his life, and has been so timid on them. As you can see from the pictures, he has gotten over that timidity!


I love the wind in Merry’s hair on this last picture. She’s a big girl, the first picture of her is when she is standing on big-kid playground equipment looking through the bars at me.

Jeremy, we miss you and love you so much! We can’t wait to see you in a few weeks, and to show you the surprise we have been working on for you! OOOOOOOOOO “I give you hug.” (Quote by Elijah Spurgeon Caskey)

Also, I don’t know if you can get on photobucket, but here is a video from Stephanie of the day we were over at their house.

Merry Anna 14.5 months old
March 12, 2008, 12:09 am
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Today Merry is 14 and a half months old. . . I took some pictures of her and thought I’d post a few cute facts about her too.


Check out the teeth! If I counted right, she has 10 (4 molars!)


She likes to play with any toy zebra and can’t seem to get enough of dinosaurs. Her favorite books are Pat the Bunny Books, Corduroy books, and most recently, Is Your Mama a Llama? Merry can hold her own on the playground. She climbs the stairs, walks the wobbly rope bridge thingy, goes through tunnels and slides down any slide on her tummy, feet first. Many moms on the playground get nervous when she gets up at the top of the slide all confident and goes down herself. . . “she’s so little!” They’ll say that their daughter or son was never that brave at that age, but did they have an Elijah to keep up with? That’s what I always think.

She can name many body parts, sometimes accurately, sometimes not, but usually gets in the general vicinity. She has a skill for dancing (bopping, as we like to call it) and claps to music, no matter what kind.

She also loves anything with animals or dogs in it. She said “book” for the first time today, and said “thank you” to the cashier at the store. She gives the cutes neck hugs, she was chasing little Josiah around today with her arms outstretched. When she would get to him, she would hug him, leaning her head on him and give him big loud kisses. Jeremy said that she must be missing hugs and kisses from her daddy so she’s going after boys to get them now! He doesn’t have to be concerned, Elijah will keep them away from her, and she is happy hugging and kissing him and mama too!

She likes to eat crackers, cheesecake, lots of different vegetables, sushi, most any fish, shrimp, noodles, potty candy (I’ll explain in some future blog – don’t ask!) and pretty much any kind of fruit. If Elijah’s eating it, she, of course wants some too, whatever it may be. Speaking of nutrition, I think I can say that she is officially weaned! She has truly graduated into the big-girl world!

Merry seems to be a bit more reserved than Mommy, Daddy, or Elijah, but is still independent and friendly. She will sometimes on her own say “hi” to people and walk up to them without being prompted, especially other children. She squeals with glee when she sees Elijah after waking up from a nap, or being in another room away from him for a while. She has the cutest contagious giggle and wide smile that can draw one out of anyone who sees it. I am so pleased that she is living up to her name. We have prayed that her name eventually would be a description of her heart. She has a beautiful spirit and I pray that she grows to have a heart that loves and serves Jesus before too long. That is better than any other “milestone” she may reach in her lifetime.

More Movies
March 9, 2008, 7:00 pm
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Big boy Elijah sat through the entire church service today! I was so pleased with his behavior! Merry went into the nursery with NO crying at all! What grown-up children they are becoming!