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God’s Plans. . .
January 31, 2008, 8:24 pm
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God often has plans other than what we expect.  Jeremy may be going to Iraq sooner than later.  He is the first/next alternate to go on the upcoming rotation, to be leaving fairly soon.  This is a change to the original plan of later this year.  We praise the Lord, because we know that HE does ALL things well, and that He has cared for us so far (on the beltway of DC – maybe Iraq is safer!) and I know He does not change.  We trust His will for our entire family’s life.

Please pray for us, that we would have sweet time together before he goes (especially if it is soon), that we would take advantage of new opportunities to minister to people and serve the Lord (though He – being God – doesn’t actually need our help!)  Please also pray for Jeremy’s safety and health as he trains.

As we know more, I will put as much info as I can on this site, but probably can’t put specific details (though we all want to know them I’m sure!)  Thank you all for your love, care and prayer for us.

Funny Ads!!
January 31, 2008, 5:17 pm
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Sweet Siblings
January 28, 2008, 1:08 am
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I can’t say how thankful I am for my beautiful children who make me laugh and smile constantly.  This week they seem to have really blossomed into little friends for each other.  Merry is keeping up with Elijah and he is asking her to do things with him.  They’ll be busy playing for sometimes 10 or 15 minutes at a time without any problems – as usual, they are quiet when they are getting into mischief of course!


There is a picture of my brother, Joshua and I when we were about this age – looks just like this!  He’s hugging her around her neck (in the perfect big brother kind of way!)  She is giggling and laughing like crazy.  That has been the sweetest sound I have heard often this past week.  He’s doing something that she thinks is so funny, and of course when she laughs he does it more . . .and more vigorously of course. . . which leads to trouble sometimes – but it’s fun while it lasts.

One of their favorite activities seems to be hide and seek.  Here’s Elijah’s favorite place to hide.  Shhh. . . don’t tell Merry.



She’s a smart little girl – she knows where to find him, and he always says to her, “no ma’am, I’ hiding Mimi” as if the object of hide and seek is for him to hide and her to seek him somewhere else other than where he’s hiding.


Another favorite activity is “going grocery shopping” together.  Here is Mimi with the little basket over her arm – somehow I don’t think she figured this out by herself – I’m sure Elijah gave her what she needed for the trip and got it over her arm like this.  The cute thing is that she seems to thoroughly enjoy this directed play (i.e. bossing) she’s a great obliging second child!  Elijah really takes the grocery shopping thing seriously – he gives me a list of things he is getting at the store then asks me what else I need (it sounds very similar to Jeremy or I leaving for the grocery store talking with each other about what we need).  His favorite lately is pizza – he has great tastes; when he went to the store with Daddy the other day he picked out a spinach and portabello mushroom pizza – YUMMY!  I’ve trained him well 🙂


Here is the cute little guy reading books with the Tynan children.  Notice where he sat when the chairs ran out: right IN the book basket!


Here is Merry in a little dress I made for her.  I couldn’t pass up the polka dot fabric. . . and the cute pompom trim!  She loves anything shaped in a sphere, and when I put it on her the first time, she kept grabbing the little pompoms saying “ohh, aah!”   Jeremy said as I was making the dress that if I put the dress on Merry she would look like a lampshade from the 70’s.  I kind of agree with him now that it is on her, but at least she’s a cute lampshade!

She’s trying to get into my bible study here in this picture.  God has blessed the study a few ladies and I are doing here, so we are going to open the next one up to all the ladies in our church – we will study Book Three of the Psalms starting on February 21.  I am excited and praise God for his obvious provision for me as we prepare to study and teach.  Jeremy will do the lessons a few weeks ahead of us so he can offer me additional insight and support.

Merry’s Dedication to the Lord
January 20, 2008, 7:29 pm
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This morning Merry was dedicated to the Lord at our church here. It was a beautiful covenant ceremony and we had several special (in addition to our church family here) people there to share it with us.


Jeremy’s brother Joe is on the far left of the picture, our pastor Frank and his wife, Judy are in the far back right next to Jeremy. My high school classmate, and good friend Cassie was able to come with her family and dad, Mr. Hoke (next to me and Merry in the picture, holding his granddaughter, Sarah) next to him is Cassie and her husband, Rob, holding Laura. Matthew and Christopher are in the very front (sons of Rob and Cassie).

It has been about 9 years since I saw Cassie, and we had not yet met each other’s children! How sweet it was to see her! My how children have changed us!


Here’s a closer picture of Merry in her church dress. . .


Elijah and Merry Meet Mike!

img_0329.jpg img_0335b.jpg

Tonight we were able to attend a rally here in Charleston for Mike Huckabee. . . and got front row spots (standing of course!) We shook his hand, talked with him and his wife briefly. Jeremy got to tell him that he’s reading his book right now, and that I (Adina) volunteered for his campaign this week (making cold calls to people here in Charleston!)

My friend Kristin (who’s husband is currently serving in Iraq) got to talk with his wife Janet briefly too.


They looked really tired and hungry, but thankfully they didn’t invite themselves over to our house for dinner OR to hunt for the weekend, Joy and Ryan. Don’t know who this guy is? Check out where he stands on the issues.

Merry’s Tea Party Video
January 17, 2008, 2:59 am
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My Jesus, I Love Thee
January 9, 2008, 3:20 am
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Jeremy writes,
Lest you think this has become a political blog with all the flashy Huckabee paraphernalia, we quickly return to family matters. Elijah and I usually sing before his bedtime. His favorite, and most requested, is the old hymn “My Jesus, I Love Thee.” He knows it well enough to now sing along with me. It’s cute to hear him and he does pretty well – he actually knows most of the major words.

There’s one line in particular that he hasn’t gotten quite right. The line goes, “for thee all the follies of sin I resign.” He sings, “for thee all the follies of sin I design.” I was struck by this both humorously, but also on a deeper level. It made me think of how our depraved hearts are inclined to sin – inventing new ways of evil (Rom 1:30). He’s such a sweet kid and I am so thankful for his little witness to me and what God teaches me through him.