The Caskey Family

The “Cowboy Movie” Influence
January 26, 2012, 7:53 pm
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One of our weekly traditions is a daddy and kids afternoon where he makes them popcorn and they watch a movie together.  Jeremy has taken the opportunity sometimes to show the children some old cowboy movies and classics.  This evening, after dinner, the children were clinking their root beer float mugs together saying “cheers” loudly.  

I had to ask, “where did you guys learn to do that?”  And the cheery response I get is:

“From a cowboy movie.”

“WHAT?  What cowboy movie?”  (I’m thinking, what cowboy movie did they see that had a toast in it? I’m thinking a sophisticated toast, maybe a wedding scene or something?)

Elijah gives the explanation:

“You know, when cowboys go to that place to drink coffee together, then they bonk their coffee cups together and say ‘CHEEERS!'”

We’ll let them think it’s coffee they are toasting with. . .for a few more years at least!