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Just for Grandma. . .
February 28, 2009, 2:43 am
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We’ve been informed that it has been TOO long since our last post.  Silly Facebook, taking up all our blogging time!


Fun in the snow in Pittsburgh


Great-Grandma Davis and three of her great-grandchildren


Warm winter pajamas for the children


A picture from our visit to Aunt Molly, Uncle David, Katie and Sarah in Ohio


Deb, our hostess in Ohio for Jeremy’s eye surgery

The sheep with an “owwie”
February 13, 2009, 12:52 am
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Jeremy writes,
Most nights we read the bible to the kids before bed.  A new favorite, and one that we highly recommend is The Big Picture Bible, which has lots of illustrations and weaves the story of redemption (the big picture) throughout the Bible.  A couple of weeks ago we read about Jesus at the Temple and the children were particularly struck by, if not a little concerned, by a lamb sacrificed on the altar – for which they call, “The sheep with an owwie.” 

After we finish each night, they want to see ‘the sheep with an owwie’ and we talk about it.  I try not to squander this opportunity in telling them about the sacrificial system that preceded Christ’s ultimate sacrifice, and why we no longer need these sheep, because we have the Lamb that was slain once and for all.  I try to tell it as simply as possible, but can’t help thinking that all of this is a little over their heads.  Once again, we as parents, fail to realize the potential our children have to not only understand, but also articulate it. 

Elijah told me tonight that “we no give sheep ‘owwies’ (any)more … for Jesus owwie.”  Merry said in all her cute raspy-ness, “Thank you for the sheep.”  I too am thankful that Christ once and for all paid it all, and am thankful that I can tell it to my children, and elated to hear them articulate it back.  

The car is alive, with the sound of children
February 9, 2009, 1:42 am
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Jeremy here,
Elijah and Merry both love to listen to “The Sound of Music” any and every time we ride in the car.  Elijah has elected himself both the choirmaster and dictator of this little opus. 

Elijah plays the part of Maria, giving himself most of the songs.  Daddy gets the parts of Ralf and Christopher Plummer.  Merry is the eldest daughter, the nuns, and any other female child.  If Adina would work harder or take better direction from her three year old, perhaps she too will someday get a part.  If Merry dares to sing any other part other than those Elijah has picked for her she is sharply rebuked.  Merry often likes to sing Maria’s lines.  Likewise, if she misses her cue, Elijah impatiently commands her to sing.  All that is missing is Phantom of the Opera’s “(sing) angel of music!” 

I thoroughly enjoy this little interplay, but Adina is a bit concerned in letting it continue.  If this is all the children have to quarrel over, then it is my opinion that we’re in pretty good shape.  Of course, I was once the self-elected dictator of my own sibling group, so what do I know.  “Climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow, till you find your dream!”

Laser Surgery Success
February 5, 2009, 5:39 pm
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Just a quick post here to let everyone know that Jeremy is recovering well from his eye surgery.  The Dr. said he was doing very well today at his post-op appointment.  He’s in some pain, but that was expected.  We are trying to enjoy the snow and cold here.  I’ve learned to keep a Buck Stove going (didn’t even know what those were before a few days ago!) and am enjoying time with all of us together just taking it easy.  We hope to head home toward the end of next week as long as Jeremy’s check-out appointment goes well.

I will post pics of the snow when we get home and I can download them.