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The Difference Between Boys and Girls: An Encounter With Bad Guys
November 30, 2009, 2:41 pm
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Elijah: “Here’s the sword Merry,” handing her a light saber, “when the bad guys come, or the bad monkeys (WHAT??) you scare them away and stab them with this sword, okay?”

Merry: “No, I’m scared, you get the bad guys.”

Elijah: “Okay, but you hold this sword.”

Merry: “No, I’m just scared, you use it.”

Elijah: “You go in here so the bad guys can’t get you, I’ll ‘a’tect (protect) you and KILL THEM!” (growling type MAN-voice)

The Joy of Toddler Joys
November 29, 2009, 4:15 am
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Today Elijah got his first pair of light-up shoes, thanks to Grandma and Pap.  Need I say more.  The little man is happy.  He also got Star Wars (“Star Horse” as he says it) underwear.  He has a habit of showing off his new underwear to unsuspecting victims at church “Look at my new underwear, it has_____ on it!”  Whatever it happens to be, it was Spiderman recently, now Yoda.

Jeremy and I are trying to ward off a second church-underwear-display so Jeremy says to him on our way into the house today as Elijah’s carrying in the new underwear, “Now tomorrow at church, you are going to have to keep Yoda in your pants, okay?  No showing him to other people.”

Sibling Love and Birthday and Family Pics
November 18, 2009, 3:11 am
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Someone asked me recently what we prayed for when I was pregnant with Merry.  We prayed for lots of things, but one thing we specifically asked God for was a friendship and affection between Elijah and Merry.  God has answered. We have our days of too many sibling struggles, and we all have difficulty being loving and kind, and gentle all the time, but for the most part, we have watched a sweet friendship unfold between the two of them.

We prayed similarly for Micah, and that he would be included in their friendship.  Now we have a threesome that is developing into a fun little pack of children, and I have enjoyed some sweet reminders of God’s faithfulness to answer our prayers and graciously turn hearts to love each other.  Here are a few highlights from some recent days and some of my favorite things to hear between them:

“I sorry, you forgive me?  I really very sorry.”  “yeah, I a’give you,”

“I let Mimi pick first,”

Mom:”How did Micah get up on the bunkbed?!” (bottom bunk) Merry: “‘Yijah pick him up here, he wanted to play with us.” Micah: SQUEALING with glee.

Today after dinner Jeremy popped some popcorn and gave it to Merry and Elijah at the table.  I walked in from the kitchen and they were sitting there eating their popcorn, holding hands.  One hand holding the other, one hand jamming popcorn into their mouth.

All three caught sharing a bag of Chex mix without asking. . .Elijah: “Micah said he wanted a snack.”  Merry, backing him up: “yeah, he screaming and saying ‘more’ (signing)”  Momma: “yeah, I’m sure he did after you guys got it out of the cubboard and were eating it in front of him.”

All of them get pretty concerned if one person is not where they think they should be, “I worried about Micah, he not in his bed.” “I yooking (looking) for you Momma, you hiding?”

This was my birthday, breakfast with two sweet new friends here (they made it and brought it to me) putting up the 95 Thesis, just like Martin Luther, put up by MICAH Luther (and daddy) smiling so sweet!

One of my new Nepali friends in the church kitchen as they are teaching us to cook authentic Nepali food, Micah and Elijah in their matching plaid shirts, Grandma Rebecca, Mark and the children at the Slugger Museum, Micah’s 1st birthday and cake, and dinner date out with Rebecca and Mark