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Cow Manure Economics
April 14, 2012, 9:04 pm
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A few days ago I asked some advice of someone at our church about a small garden plan I had.  He gave me the advice that I should build a garden box, and said he had some scrap wood if I wanted it.  I told him I would take it, as long as he didn’t need the wood for something else.  The next day we return home from some errands to find him and his wife building me a MASSIVE garden box behind our house (12X24 feet).  

Elijah really wants watermelons to come out of the garden, and has mapped out what should go in my garden box near the front porch, and what should go in the new big garden.  The little ones are planning on pumpkins in the fall.

Today the weather was beautiful, and so we headed up to a cow farm to get some of their “black gold” and on the way up, the children had some lively conversation about farming. 

Merry said that her teenage neighbor friend’s dad had lots of money because he bought her friend two baby ducks.  Is that all it takes?  Then Micah announced that he wanted us to have a cow.  The cow would live in the house, of course and they all agreed that it would potty in the toilet so the house wouldn’t get stinky.  

Then Merry vetoed the whole idea, “Micah, we aren’t wasting our money on a cow, but you can waste your money on a cow if you want to.”  It seems that “spend” and “waste” are synonymous in this five-year-old’s mind.  Oh yeah, and how did she get the authority to decide if Micah could buy a cow??  Yet no one questions her, not even Jeremy or I, we are too entertained by this conversation to interject some reality.

She seems to be on a kick about buying/spending/budgeting/acquiring lately.  Earlier today while she and Micah were playing, I overheard her saying in a very lecturing tone: “Micah, you can’t have everything you want.”  Watch out Dave Ramsey. . .

Tonight one of the children announced that another one “smelled.”  And they did, but it was a good thing, because they smelled like dirt, and sweat and. . .the outdoors. . .the best smell to this grown-up farm girl.  The island farm girl who’s far from the ocean but strangely back in her element in the warming-up-mountains of the NORTH.

I Don’t Usually Do This. . .An Encouraging Message for Mommies
April 11, 2012, 9:15 am
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This article made me laugh, cry and feel so encouraged about my role as mother and homemaker.  It could have been written by my mother if she lived now.  So, even though I don’t usually repost blogs, I felt that this was so edifying, I HAD to!