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Remedies For Various Wintertime Yuckies

So, the top answer seems to be:

I love this one and do think it works for the cold symptoms! We are on the mend, but I’m going to post the top mommy recommended home (and a few over-the-counter) remedies for colds and other wintertime yuckies:

1. Vicks on the feet and chest (soothes coughs and clears sinuses)
2. Raise the head of the bed if it is a cold/sinus issue
3. Hot steamy baths
4. Teas and vaporizers with peppermint, eucalyptus, honey, lemon, tea tree oil, molasses, slippery elm to name a few
5. Orange juice and chicken soup
7. Vitamin C, Emergen-C (my children love this stuff!) and of course regular vitamins and acidophilus (they have it for children in most health food stores)
8. Ibuprofen (lasts 8 hours, so they can sleep well) and Triaminic strips (these are my fav!!)
9. Pray for AND WITH your children. God is the best healer and comforter, and these times of illness are wonderful opportunities to teach them to ask for God’s help and be quiet before the Lord. Don’t just pray for their healing, ask God to teach them to endure the discomfort and persevere with a trust in HIM to heal them. Then don’t forget to thank God when they feel better, and acknowledge that HE is the one who made them and helped their bodies heal.

One note of wisdom I got from a Dr. years ago: He told me that he has found that if mothers give the cold meds to their children and dry up the drainage while the body heals the virus they seem to be less likely to turn into sinus or lung infections.

This makes sense and has worked pretty well for me over the years. I would rather give the over-the-counter once in a while rather than have them on antibiotics too much. My goal is to rarely use antibiotics so that if we ever really need them, their body will respond well, and not be immune to them. Just my opinion. . .PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU TALK WITH YOUR HUSBAND AND YOUR DR, AND COME UP WITH WHAT IS BEST FOR YOUR FAMILY!!

Give me the Remedy!
January 30, 2011, 12:44 pm
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What is your favorite or most used remedy for the normal childhood ailments? It’s winter, and we’ve been fighting coughs, fevers, regular colds and such. Preventive and treatment both, please!!

Children’s Greek Curriculum Reviews

I love the endless possibilities in curriculum (SO different from what my mom had available to her!) and since Jeremy’s learned it, I decided to look into Greek language curriculum and came across two resources/curriculums that interest me for the children:

Song School Greek by Michelle Hanne and
Greek Alphabet Code Cracker by Dr. Christopher Perrin

Both are available from Classical Academic Press at very reasonable prices: $16.95 for the Code Cracker and $24.95 for the Song School Greek which includes the student book, teacher’s manual, song CD and downloadable flash cards.

The Code Cracker is 95 pages and teaches the basic Greek alphabet and sounds in a creative way using puzzles and clues of all sorts.
The Song School Greek is a broader more complete curriculum of 224 pages with 30 chapters of reading, writing, and speaking both traditional (Koine/Biblical) and modern Greek. Chapters contain short sections including: Words to Learn, a Chapter Song, The Lesson (main new idea) Practice Your Greek, Grow Your English, Chapter Fun, Show What You Know and other varying sections for review.

1. Material is presented for visual, auditory and hands-on learners (puzzles, writing, etc.)
2. Sections are short, so it is doable
3. The pages of the teacher’s manual match the student book!! Maybe I’m petty, but I despise having to look around on the page of a teacher’s manual for the student page number!
4. The program is self-contained, the student has one book, no need to buy extra resources, yay!
5. That it covers the traditional AND modern variations of the language

One thing so far: I don’t see us being able to use this yet! This is for early elementary, and from my estimation, would probably be most successfully used with children who have a fairly good grasp on English reading and basic writing. . .my guess, probably a 7 or 8-year-old would probably love this and breeze through it.

Buy at least the Song School Greek and if you can, purchase the Code Cracker as a reinforcing/review Friday activity after they have completed their lesson(s) for that week.

FOLLOW-UP on 37-cent Laundry Soap
January 20, 2011, 10:42 pm
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It is for REAL people!! I love it! No one broke out in hives, or smelled funny, and the clothes look no different or no less soft with this new detergent!

WE ARE HOOKED!! 37-cent laundry soap (and that’s 37 cents for 44 loads too – less than a penny a load!!!) for life for us! I love taking something permanently off my grocery list!

My mother would not be proud of me. . .too many exclamation points in this post!! I can hear her saying, “Adina, you don’t have to scream every sentence you write.” Okay, mom, that last sentence was for you, and this one too 🙂

37-cent LAUNDRY SOAP for Top-Loading Washers???

I forgot to buy laundry soap two shopping trips in a row. I’d already borrowed from a neighbor. . .what was I to do this morning when I realized I STILL didn’t have laundry soap in the house? Elijah was on a roll with his reading lesson (he read two easy readers in a row this morning!) and I just couldn’t bear to waste even 20 minutes to load all three children in the car to go buy laundry soap.

I love the internet on days like this. And google is my best friend today, because he (or is it a she?) found me a recipe for CHEAP laundry soap. I was inspired to even think of looking it up because my friend and neighbor Shana makes the fancy sensitive natural stuff for her family (you go girl!!)

Lo and behold! There it was, the CHEAPEST laundry soap recipe I’d ever seen, and I had the ingredients necessary: water and DISH SOAP?????

So, here it is, what rescued me this morning from another trip to the grocery store, and what my family will be using from now on: 37-cent laundry soap.

37-Cent Laundry Soap
7 cups of water
1 cup of liquid dish soap such as Ajax, Joy or Dawn – I used Ajax this morning

Fill a 2-quart (64 oz) laundry soap container 7/8 full, add the dish soap, put the top on and gently mix.

You can add a splash of vinegar to your laundry if you want some extra softness.

*I got the 37 cents figure from dividing the cost of the 8-cup Ajax soap ($2.69 on sale) by 8 (the number of cups I could get out of the bottle) and WAh-LAAA! 37 CENTS!! The bottle I’m using should give me 44 loads – I’m using the cap which is about 2/3 to 3/4 cup.

I just got the first load out of the dryer and it smells just the same and seems just as clean as any load I’ve washed before!

A note from a wiser woman: Just a heads up to anyone considering this, I’m fairly certain that this is NOT safe for HE machines– you need LOW sudsing detergent for those machines– plus you might void your warranty if you do use it. But it should work for top loaders, but proceed at your own risk 🙂

2010 in Pictures
January 10, 2011, 12:10 pm
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2010 Slide Show

Or just go to our 2010 photo gallery to view selected photos of the year!

Photo Gallery

Trying out Flickr
January 8, 2011, 9:53 pm
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We’ll see how this goes. . .anyone out there used the “Pro” version of it?  It costs about $25 a year but it stores unlimited and does all sorts of fun stuff.  I need to get a streamlined system for storing and printing photos.  My problem is that I’m good at storing them, but never seem to get them printed.

Lots of fun photos from the holidays in this one, so check it out and enjoy!!

Flickr Photos December 2010