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Does God Wear a Superman Cape?
January 31, 2012, 9:00 pm
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John 1:3 says: “All things came into being through Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being.”

Tonight we were talking about superheros (again) and Micah who continues to love wearing capes (his latest creation is the neck of a Buzz Lightyear costume slid over his head left trailing down his back like a cape) kept talking about the power of different superheros.

So I asked them, “but Who is the MOST powerful Person EVER?” God of course! He has power to do whatever He choses to do, and He is capable of any miracle He wants to do (yesterday we read about Jesus first miracle and how that proved to people who saw it that He was not just a regular man, that He was GOD.)

Micah’s eyes got huge and he blurts out, “does God wear a Superman cape?”

Thankfully, no, God does not NEED a cape – all HE has to do is speak.

The “Cowboy Movie” Influence
January 26, 2012, 7:53 pm
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One of our weekly traditions is a daddy and kids afternoon where he makes them popcorn and they watch a movie together.  Jeremy has taken the opportunity sometimes to show the children some old cowboy movies and classics.  This evening, after dinner, the children were clinking their root beer float mugs together saying “cheers” loudly.  

I had to ask, “where did you guys learn to do that?”  And the cheery response I get is:

“From a cowboy movie.”

“WHAT?  What cowboy movie?”  (I’m thinking, what cowboy movie did they see that had a toast in it? I’m thinking a sophisticated toast, maybe a wedding scene or something?)

Elijah gives the explanation:

“You know, when cowboys go to that place to drink coffee together, then they bonk their coffee cups together and say ‘CHEEERS!'”

We’ll let them think it’s coffee they are toasting with. . .for a few more years at least!  

Week Two and Still Loving it
January 22, 2012, 8:17 pm
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Events of this week included our first couples counseling session, a full “normal” week for Jeremy of study, administrative and community activities and finally, today, a “regular” church service and an open house this afternoon for our neighbors. A couple of families from Elijah’s class came, and a few from church, but we were pleasantly surprised at our neighborhood turnout. Over 30 people between 2 and 4PM, some great conversations, beginnings of some relationships, and the last people left around 6PM, two hours past the scheduled time!

Please pray for us, Jeremy is really trying hard to stay healthy, but Micah has been fighting something, and after today with all the interactions with people, I’m not feeling so great, my voice is almost gone.

We are blessed. As always, thank you for praying for us. Please keep praying! God is so good, and we plead for his continued favor, mercy and blessing on the work here.

From Homeschool to Public School
January 20, 2012, 9:45 pm
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Probably one of the most surprising decisions (to us and others!) since coming to Emporium, was our decision to send our children to public school here in Emporium. There was a lot that played into the decision, but what it came down to was what was best for our children and what would honor the Lord as we try to raise them to fear Him. We have held homeschooling very loosely, committing to it as long as we felt it was the best for our children and family. And we have loved every minute of it along the way.

When we started exploring our options, public school was probably BARELY on the table. However, after visiting the school, talking with faculty and parents who send their children to public school here, we made the decision to try it. Playing into the decision was small class sizes, a Christian principal, and a peaceful school environment.

After Elijah has had one week of school, I think we can say confidently that this is going to be a wonderful blessing! I’m sure we will have our bumps in the road, but Elijah is learning so much, being challenged, and enjoying new friendships.

Such a growing up little boy! I’m missing having him at home, but the times at home can be very sweet, and there’s always homework that I get my “homeschooling fix” with.

We just got word today that a preschool spot has opened up for Merry, and she will be starting on Monday, four days a week, and we can be very involved in her schooling, so we are excited about that. She was bouncing around today like a little rubber ball – she’s beyond excited!

Here are a few pictures of the little five-year-old on her birthday with friends and since with cousins.

Emporium in Pictures
January 16, 2012, 12:54 pm
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Jeremy and I just across the road from our house and a block through the woods!

Here is a picture of the church taken yesterday from our upstairs window. Jeremy’s office is the first window on the left, and we can see it from our upstairs hallway.

The sanctuary of the church, with the fellowship hall, Jeremy’s office, Sunday school and nursery rooms off to the right.

This is home sweet home, this picture taken before it snowed while we were here candidating.

One of my favorite windows in the house with some flowers one of our members brought to welcome us. This window looks out from our kitchen and dining room to the church.

These are the steps going upstairs to the bedrooms, with some of my favorite people being goofy on them (my children and some of the cousins)

And finally, one of the “coolest” parts of living here. . . SNOW, and clean enough to eat and spend hours sledding on!

I can’t say it enough: we serve a GOOD and merciful God! Jeremy’s first sermon yesterday went well, and many aspects of this move have been better than we could ask or think. We look back and see that God has been leading us here for a long time, and has been preparing this church and location for us. We could never have imagined this in a million years. God is perfect, even if things don’t seem perfect to me, HIS ways, in the end are always right, just, and better than anything my sinful heart and mind could have come up with on its’ own!

The First Week
January 11, 2012, 9:05 pm
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For those that have asked, church was great on Sunday.  We went as regular members and observers, the head deacon preached and conducted the service.  Jeremy asked if we could spend the first week observing, especially since we drove into town the day before.  We now have internet, so I feel more connected, but actually enjoyed the break from lots of technology (though I still had cell phone service and access to email, so really, it wasn’t anything!)

Elijah starts school tomorrow.  He is very excited, and mommy is nervous.  We visited his class, took them cookies and juice for a little social time to meet Elijah.  His teacher is amazing, having taught first grade in that very classroom for 27 years.  Elijah makes the 14th child in his class, and is with two other preacher’s son’s.  One he already knows, and the other who lives down the road from us.  There are three first grade classes, so the chances of him getting into the class with another Elijah C and two other PK’s. . .well, we’ll just say that this is another proof that nothing happens by chance. 

On a little bit of a humorous note, the girls seemed really smitten by him (if you read this and are tempted to mention this to him, RESIST the temptation. . .I don’t think he noticed anything about the girls, and I really like that he DIDN’T notice!!)  He hardly talked while we were there, so maybe he came across as the strong silent type.  Right now he is in a small cluster of ALL BOYS, and they were very excited to help him out and tell him all about things in the class. 

I will be doing home school with Micah and Merry tomorrow.  I’m very excited about that!  Jeremy will be again at work in his office at the church.  He “started” officially today, even though he already made his first hospital visit and has spent lots of time meeting and getting to know people.  Jeremy is a terrific administrator, so he has everything pretty much lined up and planned out for the service on Sunday.  

Boxes are getting unpacked at a rapid rate, thanks to Jeremy and lots of late nights.  The house is beginning to feel like our own.  For only being here barely five days, I’m really happy with our progress. 

We live on a major road, and it is a small town, so we have had several “drop-ins” each day, most from church members, and usually to bring us something or drop something by, but we can already tell that the “fishbowl” is a reality.  If you would like to pray for us, please pray that people will be drawn to Christ and see HIS glory as they interact with us.  Even as Elijah goes to school, we are praying that he will be a light and that God will use him to bring people to Jesus.

Please also pray for Jeremy as he meets the clergy of the community all at once tomorrow at the “Ministerium” (an interfaith community collaborative).  Please pray for him to have wisdom regarding his involvement with other churches in the community, and how our church can most effectively be a gospel witness in our community. 



Moving In
January 9, 2012, 3:43 pm
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Some of the activities of our first “business day” here in Emporium include:

  • Registering Elijah for first grade (he’s taking his reading placement test as I use the internet at the elementary school).
  • Putting Merry on the waiting list for preschool
  • Purchased and put in a mailbox (the parsonage has never gotten mail delivery before)
  • Setting up internet at the house
  • Unpacking more boxes
  • Hanging curtains (some from our house a few locations ago fit here perfectly!!)
  • Choosing some paint for Merry’s room
  • Spending time on the phone with church members
  • Getting a washer and dryer (I’ll have to do a separate post about this blessing)
  • Loading boxes and boxes of books onto shelves (this is one area of our life that I can say has officially gotten out of hand!)  Someone who helped unload our U-Haul said that perhaps we should open up a library.

Some things that made us smile since we’ve moved here:

  • Some church members took apart our box spring to get it up our stairs then put it back together in our bedroom, then reported to us that we would never be allowed to leave . . .at least not with our box spring!
  • The front porch had to be taken apart to get the couch in the front door, I guess we REALLY are here for sure now!!
  • Hearing the creek from our front porch
  • Beautiful spring-like weather in January here in the mountains of NORTHERN Pennsylvania!