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Overdue Pictures
December 22, 2009, 12:52 pm
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Our family under the Christmas tree:

Visit from Jeremy’s parents:

Jeremy and Adina in our living room (this photo taken by Elijah)

Jeremy and Elijah at Star Wars in Concert (Jeremy’s Christmas gift from Momma)

Seminary/Ministry Update
December 22, 2009, 12:38 pm
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Life has been sweet.  Jeremy completed the semester successfully with good grades, including an A in his GREEK!!!  Yay!  We are now enjoying some more family time, and time for a little more ministry.

We got to help some of our international friends apply for permanent residency now that they have been here in the USA for one year!  Congratulations Karim and Sanaa!  What a process!!  What I especially found interesting was that the US government agency who wrote and processes the immigration forms CANNOT answer questions about the forms.  They have a customer service, however they are legally not allowed to inform you on necessary details regarding what to put where on the forms!!  God helped us find answers, though, and I’m thankful that God gave us the opportunity to spend some more time with our friends.  We are praying that God would speak to their hearts and call them to repent, believe, and serve the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob.

On that vein, Jeremy has been offered the opportunity for a “Nehemiah Project” internship working with Iraqi refugees this Spring.  If everything falls into place with that, there will be some juggling, as he will take one less class to make time for that, but perhaps the opportunity for some elective credit.  This is definitely an opportunity that was not expected, but will provide some great experience and hands-on exploration for Jeremy in missions, the area he is now SERIOUSLY exploring for ministry after he graduates.

Please pray for wisdom and boldness for both of us.

Elijah has been very excited for snow.  He says that because snow comes down out of heaven, and so will Jesus when He comes to take those who love and serve Him to heaven, that when it snows for the first time (that he can remember) Jesus will be coming back!  It snowed for the first time the other day.  Sadly, Jesus did not come that day.  But Elijah said to me in the car yesterday, “I’m ready for Jesus to come back,” (in a very excited tone).  We talked about what “being ready” means, and I was reminded by this conversation with my 4-year-old that Jesus is ON HIS WAY!!  My heart is desperate for the return of Christ, BUT even more desperate for more to be called to serve Christ, namely our children, some of our dear friends who are hearing the gospel and getting Bibles for the first time in their life these past few weeks, and family members who we have prayed would repent and believe the Gospel.

Though I am excited with Elijah for the second return of Christ (not as a baby born in Bethlehem this time) I am also thankful that He tarries as more ears hear the gospel, and more hearts repent and believe.