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Photo Journal
September 27, 2008, 4:57 pm
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Some fun photos we have taken recently:

Yesterday the children went and played in the mud and water, it rained a lot and they enjoyed it, Merry likes Elijah’s “BOOPS” as she calls them!  She falls over in hers, so she often ends up barefoot in the rain with her jacket on, which is fine in this warm weather (back in the 80’s today.)

Photos from Middleton Place Plantation where we romped around for a while this morning with our friends:

Check out the hair!  It poofed out like that when she turned to look when I called her!

Elijah goofing off with his friend Charlie

Merry feeding her finger to a chicken. . .yes it did get a little peck in, which was the drama of the day, but nothing serious (no mark or anything) but she won’t be doing that again, I hope!

Elijah and Charlie taking the hill!

Merry with the Ashley River behind her

All of us!  Caroline, Mary, Adina, Merry, Charlie and Elijah

The children with the Ashley River behind them

Sitting on the branch of an old oak tree that scoops near the ground.

Congratulations Jeremy – 12 Years Serving. . .Hugs All Around!
September 26, 2008, 3:12 am
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Today marks 12 years since Jeremy first entered the Air Force!  Congrats Jeremy! I wish I had a picture of us hugging him today. . .but we will be hugging him before too long.  Until then. .

Tonight we got to go to a Sesame Street show for military families, our friend Jennifer went and sat in line for 2 1/2 hours to get us front row seats, and Aunt Tammy came to the show with us too.  Elijah got to hug Elmo, as we had front row seats. . .and Cookie Monster, but we didn’t get the picture of that – it was too quick!

Had to include some pictures of a very special hug too – my brother David will be married to beautiful Katelyn, Lord-willing, before Jeremy returns from Iraq!  We love you both and are so excited that God has blessed you both with each other!

500th Comment on Our Blog!
September 21, 2008, 12:42 am
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I have a friend who wins EVERYTHING – she’s won a portable DVD player, her children win things at the summer reading thing like no other family can, and yes, she even won something on my blog!  By chance I decide to look at my blog stats today and find that my comment number is 500. . .and guess who posted last?!  Yes, you Miss-Blessed-Beyond-All-Reason, Joy Folken, posted the 500th comment on our blog yesterday or this morning.  What does she win. . .uh. . .a post in her honor, I guess??

Here are some pics I snapped of the children on the rocking chair by our front door, and had a little editing fun with them too.

Playing Peek-A-Boo – the elephant ears are far taller than both of them

Clapping hands. . .notice Merry watching Elijah and doing what he does – Jeremy said that when he saw them do school with me the other day, he kept seeing Merry look to Elijah for clues and direction, mimicking during many activities.

Merry’s newest haircut – just tonight, just for her Daddy who loves the pixie cut on her

Snail Mail Addresses Please
September 20, 2008, 2:24 am
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Could any of you who read our blog please comment here or email me at with your current snail mail address?  I am currently trying to update our snail mail address book.  If you leave your address in a comment here, I will write it down and delete it as this is a public blog.  THANKS!!

Gifts of Babies
September 20, 2008, 1:31 am
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How amazing that God chooses to bless some of us with the sweet gifts of babies!  Sometimes they are difficult to train, but often they are fun to watch, they make me laugh and teach me more than I ever expected.

I love this video of Merry and Elijah, I remember doing this with my siblings.  I have been so impressed with Elijah’s creativity lately, the things he comes up with to do or new ways to do things.  No one ever taught him that he could give (or get) a ride on a blanket like this, I don’t think.  One day he comes out of his room dragging Merry on a blanket and she is loving it!

As our third child, and second little boy grows, he is responding more and more to the children.  Merry wants to share her stickers with him and I often will be out in public and notice a sticker still stuck on the belly of my shirt.  There’s no doubt that I’m a mommy of toddlers!

Both children talk about when he will arrive and talk to him about it, “come out soon little brother. . .get big so you can get out!”  They don’t have too much longer to wait, perhaps, with tomorrow being our 32 week mark.  (check out the link for a 3-D picture and details about the 32nd week of pregnancy)

Today I asked Merry what we should name her brother when he comes out, and she says something I can’t really make out, but Elijah who’s playing nearby obviously understood something she said and says back to her, “no, ‘dat’s not his name. . .his name be Micah and Christian.”  Okay!!  Are all three-year-olds this opinionated?  Jeremy, I promise I’m not brainwashing them while you’re gone!

Like Grandma Like Granddaughter

Yesterday would have been my mother’s (Linda Ruth Ahlgren) 52nd birthday, and I made phone calls to my siblings to talk with each of them. We try to make contact on this day usually, as it is very special to celebrate her birth and life. We considered naming Merry after my mother (in some form) but decided against it (because she would have strongly disapproved of it) and chose to honor her in another way by giving her granddaughter an attribute name from one of her most quoted Bible verses Proverbs 17:22, which states that, “A merry heart does good like a medicine. . .” It was also fitting that Merry was born on Christmas.

A few days ago, I snapped this picture of Merry and Elijah eating popcorn; I did a double take with Merry when I saw her sitting there – my mom used to sit in that exact same posture with a big bowl of popcorn sharing it with us on weekend evenings while we played games or read. And Merry’s wide bright smile reminded me of the “merry” times I remember with my family, there is no doubt in my mind that she has been blessed with a small piece of the sweet and merry spirit God gave to my mom.

This week was also very special as Jeremy and I have decided to have the birth of our son at the brand new Charleston Birth Place, a freestanding birth center for low-risk pregnancies and births.  I have been receiving care from a midwife at the Navy clinic and they cleared me after I finished my last set of tests (the fun glucose test) to go ahead and have my birth at the center.

I went on the orientation and tour and it is AMAZING! It will be like having a baby at a bed and breakfast with 4-person jet tub to relax in! I am so excited, it is only a block away from the hospital (you can actually see the hospital from it) and they have all the same newborn safety equipment that the hospital has, so there is no risk, and so many great benefits to getting to have our baby there. I mention this in this blog post, because my mother is probably the one person who has helped me brave enough to try natural childbirth with my first two and stick it out, as she allowed me to witness the births of two of my sisters (one at home and one in a hospital.)’

Also, on my mom’s birthday, Jeremy and I were given a small glimmer of hope in the form of a general potential date regarding his return. . .there is now some possible light at the end of this tunnel!! Praise GOD!

Merry’s Favorite Condiment
September 12, 2008, 6:39 pm
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Had to post this video. . .if the sight of sour cream makes you gag, don’t watch this one!