The Caskey Family

Routine Change
September 17, 2012, 8:32 am
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So a while has gone by since I posted. . . for those who follow our blog, this is a sure sign that our routine has changed!  

Summer has given way to a beautiful Fall, and as we wind down our summer garden and try our hand at a Fall garden (peas, more lettuce and spinach, broccoli and pumpkins) we find ourselves thankful for God’s continued provision and work in our lives. 

Merry started Kindergarten and is flourishing!  Elijah is conquering second grade and we are waiting to hear if Micah is accepted into a one-afternoon-a-week preschool.  It seems like the children’s personalities have just blossomed over the summer.  I think they are more feeling confident and secure. . .like they belong here now, and it is fun to interact with each of them in their uniqueness.  Jeremy and I keep finding ourselves smiling at each other and sharing fun stories constantly of what they have been saying and doing.  It is starting to feel like we are a house full of personalities. . .not a house full of children!

There is lots more fun family news and happenings, but more on that probably over the next few months as I have time to write.  We have been here in Emporium now for 8 months, and we are, as always, so thankful to be a part of what God is doing here in our church, and in this county here in Pennsylvania.  

As summer gives way to Fall, we are reminded by the changes in the season that God gives life and provides for us far beyond what we could ask or think.  We stay warm, we have an abundance of food (not just from a good harvest in our garden, but many gardens in our community, hence big boxes of veggies dropped of at our door all summer!)  We are so blessed with a family to love and be loved by and a community that cares for each other and more friends than we could have ever hoped for in 8 months of living somewhere!

O Give thanks to the Lord for HE is GOOD!!