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More Fun With Haircuts and Cousins
July 9, 2008, 7:09 pm
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Uncle Josh has taken it upon himself to introduce Elijah to some fun skills of boy/manhood – including eating boiled peanuts.  Elijah loves these, and the process of eating them is half the fun!

Check out this boy’s need for a haircut – evident in this picture of him showing me a shelled boiled peanut ready for consumption:

And the improvement after Mommy finally bit the bullet and cut his hair!

I love this picture of him laying on the floor – so Elijah right now.

Merry has been enjoying her cousin Lumina in some fun ways – they both love to climb in things to see if they fit. . .this time Elijah’s mandolin case!  Jeremy, I will get you photos of Elijah playing his mandolin sometime soon!

Merry is smiling on command now, I had to include these smile attempts of hers!