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Family Visits and Summer Pictures
July 5, 2008, 3:01 am
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We’ve been very busy with family visits and have neglected to post pictures for a while. . . so here you are Daddy! We love you! God is very very good to us, we have so much love around us in the form of friends and family.

Sisters! Roseann, with her daughter Lumina, Risa my youngest sister, me and the children and Beth

Elijah with adopted “grandparents Mr. Rick and Miss Charlene (his Sunday School teacher) on their trip to the acquarium

Elijah sitting on the dead tree just cut down in our front yard

Water sliding with Aunt Naomi and Uncle Johnny! He must have ridden this slide 30 or 40 times!

Merry, Uncle Johnny and Elijah in the kiddie pool at the water park

Peanut butter sandwiches after the water park

Elijah asked Merry to come sit with him on this hatbox “I read you story, Mimi.” This lasted about 20 seconds and she wouldn’t sit still and obey him, so I asked them if they would like to take a picture together on the box. This is what we got when I told them to smile really big.

First bowling experience with Grandma Rebecca and Mr. Mark! Elijah and Merry just LOVED it!

Lumina, Elijah and Merry all dressed up for the 4th of July. Elijah loves his sister and cousin!

Such a beautiful patriotic beauty! Cali the dog as her sidekick.

Rebecca (my foster mom), Mark (her friend), us with my sister Roseann, her daughter Lumina and her husband Josh at a little pond in West Ashley where we spent the afternoon with friends from church and shot off some little fireworks and played with some sparklers.