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Children’s Greek Curriculum Reviews

I love the endless possibilities in curriculum (SO different from what my mom had available to her!) and since Jeremy’s learned it, I decided to look into Greek language curriculum and came across two resources/curriculums that interest me for the children:

Song School Greek by Michelle Hanne and
Greek Alphabet Code Cracker by Dr. Christopher Perrin

Both are available from Classical Academic Press at very reasonable prices: $16.95 for the Code Cracker and $24.95 for the Song School Greek which includes the student book, teacher’s manual, song CD and downloadable flash cards.

The Code Cracker is 95 pages and teaches the basic Greek alphabet and sounds in a creative way using puzzles and clues of all sorts.
The Song School Greek is a broader more complete curriculum of 224 pages with 30 chapters of reading, writing, and speaking both traditional (Koine/Biblical) and modern Greek. Chapters contain short sections including: Words to Learn, a Chapter Song, The Lesson (main new idea) Practice Your Greek, Grow Your English, Chapter Fun, Show What You Know and other varying sections for review.

1. Material is presented for visual, auditory and hands-on learners (puzzles, writing, etc.)
2. Sections are short, so it is doable
3. The pages of the teacher’s manual match the student book!! Maybe I’m petty, but I despise having to look around on the page of a teacher’s manual for the student page number!
4. The program is self-contained, the student has one book, no need to buy extra resources, yay!
5. That it covers the traditional AND modern variations of the language

One thing so far: I don’t see us being able to use this yet! This is for early elementary, and from my estimation, would probably be most successfully used with children who have a fairly good grasp on English reading and basic writing. . .my guess, probably a 7 or 8-year-old would probably love this and breeze through it.

Buy at least the Song School Greek and if you can, purchase the Code Cracker as a reinforcing/review Friday activity after they have completed their lesson(s) for that week.