The Caskey Family

My Secret Hobby

. . .is travel planning. I’ve done it for our family and even enjoy researching and planning for friends. I especially like finding deals, and now with the internet, that is quite simple.

Here are the top five travel sites I use:

1. Trip Advisor – This site has good reviews and articles about locations, attractions and places to eat when you do travel. I like to use it to find out if a motel we are staying at overnight on a trip is okay or not.

2. Travelocity – I like to use this for air travel and car rental when we need it.

3. Priceline – I bid if I am flexible with times I want to travel, or location. I’ve gotten good deals on hotels and airline tickets, and it’s the cheapest way I’ve found to rent a car.

4. Ten Best – THE site to go to if you want to hit the highlights of a particular location on your vacation – easy to use and I’ve found it very helpful.

5. Snique Away – A new site, just launched by another site I like, for discount “luxury” vacations. They sell luxury getaways/hotel/resort stays for (CHEAP!) the price of a regular nice hotel. Great for upcoming special occasions, and I found their prices on multi-room accommodations to be a good deal for those of us who have too many people to stay in some regular-size hotel rooms.