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One of the Best Books on Parenting (and it’s not a how-to manual!)

Jeremy and I have been reading Sacred Parenting by Gary Thomas together over the last few weeks for a class we are taking together. We will finish the last few pages today and I just can’t say how encouraging it has been to us! It was a breath of fresh air that our family needed!

The book centers around the idea that parenting is a wonderful avenue God uses to sanctify us. There are no formulas, because every family and every child is different. But it does offer some solid advice from a biblical perspective and from a dad who has grown children and sweet godly relationships with his children. He has challenged us to accept the journey of parenting and embrace the often-difficult process with joy and faith in the God who ordains every aspect of it.

Unlike other parenting books where I finish with a list of things I feel I now should be doing with my children, we finish with a greater desire to know our God better and display HIM to our children in our actions as parents.

If you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, friend to a parent, planning to be a parent, pregnant, a parent of grown children, READ THIS!!!

Chapter titles include:
1. Papa God
2. The Hardest Hurt of All
3. The Gold behind the Guilt
4. Seizing Heaven
5. Joy!
6. Vicious Vulnerability
7. Burning Love
8. The Glory behind the Grime
9. Walking on the Wild Side of Parenting: the Gift of Extremely Demanding Children
10. A Very Boring Chapter in the Bible (That Can Change Your Life Forever) And it did for us!
11. Xerox R Us
12. Sacrifice
13. Leaving
Epilogue: Receive Your Reward

This one makes it into our top five marriage and family books to include:
Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tripp and
Everyday Talk by Younts
Instructing a Child’s Heart (sequel to Shepherding) by Tripp and
Sacred Marriage also by Gary Thomas

*If you only ever read one chapter of a parenting book, I would suggest the chapter titled “Giving Your Children a Vision for the Glory of God” from Instructing a Child’s Heart