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Jeremy attempts Solomon’s wisdom with mixed results
June 15, 2009, 1:05 am
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Jeremy writes,
Today was a good Lord’s Day. We were blessed to try Clifton Baptist Church and are debating as to where to go next week – probably Immanuel. After lunch, and after Mom and little Micah went down for naps, I had the privilege to sit in the kids room and play and take a pseudo nap myself, amidst being pounced on and “snuggled” – which sometimes turns violent (an elbow here or there). While I was lying there Elijah and Merry started quarreling over Merry’s baby doll, both determined to have it. I aroused from my “sleep” and asked the two of them to come here and to “bring the baby.”

I thought this might be a perfect time for a lesson in sharing and what better story to tell than Solomon and the two women arguing over the baby. First, in my “wisdom” I tried playing Solomon myself and asked them both if they’d like me to cut it in half so they could both have a piece of it. Elijah immediately and morbidly acquiesced, while Merry seemed hesitant, wanting it all for herself. Elijah pipes in again, “Yeah cut it,” wearing a huge grin, “let me get your knife” as he proceeds to reach into my pocket. I was somewhat horrified and asked Merry again what she wanted me to do and following Elijah’s depraved lead, she agreed that cutting it seemed best. It was at this point that I had no other choice but to … (if you think I cut it, you guessed wrong) tell them the whole story of Solomon and the two women and who the baby was actually given to – the real mother who loved her child enough to give it away.

They enjoyed the story and decided to share. Hopefully they learned something, but perhaps I may have learned more. Given the most depraved option, my kids will probably go that direction. Perhaps I shouldn’t tempt that.