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37-cent LAUNDRY SOAP for Top-Loading Washers???

I forgot to buy laundry soap two shopping trips in a row. I’d already borrowed from a neighbor. . .what was I to do this morning when I realized I STILL didn’t have laundry soap in the house? Elijah was on a roll with his reading lesson (he read two easy readers in a row this morning!) and I just couldn’t bear to waste even 20 minutes to load all three children in the car to go buy laundry soap.

I love the internet on days like this. And google is my best friend today, because he (or is it a she?) found me a recipe for CHEAP laundry soap. I was inspired to even think of looking it up because my friend and neighbor Shana makes the fancy sensitive natural stuff for her family (you go girl!!)

Lo and behold! There it was, the CHEAPEST laundry soap recipe I’d ever seen, and I had the ingredients necessary: water and DISH SOAP?????

So, here it is, what rescued me this morning from another trip to the grocery store, and what my family will be using from now on: 37-cent laundry soap.

37-Cent Laundry Soap
7 cups of water
1 cup of liquid dish soap such as Ajax, Joy or Dawn – I used Ajax this morning

Fill a 2-quart (64 oz) laundry soap container 7/8 full, add the dish soap, put the top on and gently mix.

You can add a splash of vinegar to your laundry if you want some extra softness.

*I got the 37 cents figure from dividing the cost of the 8-cup Ajax soap ($2.69 on sale) by 8 (the number of cups I could get out of the bottle) and WAh-LAAA! 37 CENTS!! The bottle I’m using should give me 44 loads – I’m using the cap which is about 2/3 to 3/4 cup.

I just got the first load out of the dryer and it smells just the same and seems just as clean as any load I’ve washed before!

A note from a wiser woman: Just a heads up to anyone considering this, I’m fairly certain that this is NOT safe for HE machines– you need LOW sudsing detergent for those machines– plus you might void your warranty if you do use it. But it should work for top loaders, but proceed at your own risk 🙂