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Ninight (Pacifier) Free!
September 11, 2008, 1:06 am
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Before Jeremy left, I had three developmental/training tasks for us while he was gone – I thought they were ambitious, but I wanted all of them done before he returned and well before a new baby arrived. They were: potty train Elijah, get Merry trained in the big girl bed and become 100% pacifier-free. . . here are some videos showing the completion of the FINAL task. . .very simple, actually, and without too much fussing either (God is gracious to us!)

Day ONE: pacifiers “broken” (snipped by mommy, as suggested by the pediatrician)

Day TWO: Reward for waking up without the pacifiers and being content – no fits at all!

Day THREE: Throwing pacifiers away, Merry so uninterested in them that she wasn’t even in the room – we invited her to help us, but she kept playing where she was.