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Homeschool Decisions

So it looks like we are taking the plunge. . . we will officially do homeschool KINDERGARTEN for Elijah and PRESCHOOL for Merry this upcoming school year.

After a fun day yesterday at Jeremy’s first EVER homeschool event, a HUGE homeschool used curriculum fair, it feels like we’ve found what is just right: Little Hearts for His Glory for Elijah and Rod and Staff Preschool for Merry.

While looking at lots of books, we got to talk with some moms about what we were considering, and finally got some clarification.

Rod and Staff for Merry is easy to use, independent, and workbook-ish, just like her personality, along with manipulatives (hopefully not like her personality).

For Elijah, I’m SO EXCITED!  The curriculum pulls together resources from a few avenues I was considering (some Rod and Staff AND books I remember LOVING as a child, and the Bible book they recommend is authored by one of our very favorite Bible story-book writers Kenneth Taylor) and package them in an EASY-TO-USE format that has very little prep. I need that! It is written by a teacher, and so I understand and like they way she’s laid it out. It is unit-study format in a way, but also chronologically presenting Bible and History with the other subjects.

Homeschooling Philosophies and Approaches
August 8, 2009, 1:21 am
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As I prepare for this upcoming school year, and in response to some questions I have gotten lately, I found a link to a website that outlines some common homeschooling approaches.

We desire for our children to love learning, love reading, and to “gain a heart of wisdom” (Psalm 90:12).  We want to challenge each of our children where they each are intellectually and educationally.

If we had to be pinned down, I think we would fall under the Charlotte Mason approach for the preschool years, with some Literature-Based and Classical leanings.  We think we will transition into more of a Classical approach as the children grow.