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What is a Groupon??

The latest in coupon/money saving crazes!!

My sister turned me on to this site that lets you buy gift certificates for half their face value.  Each day of the week there is a different business you can purchase from.  Sometimes it is food, sometimes a service, sometimes it isn’t ANYTHING I want, but other times they are for places I already spend money at or would like to spend money at.

They are specific to your city, so you can be sure the groupon offered that day is something you can actually use.

Example: I paid $5.00 for a groupon for a gelato place here in town.  I got a $10 gift certificate that we gave to someone as a gift.  They went and had two gelatos, a soda and a hot chocolate on my $5.00!  My sister spent $10 to get Jeremy a $20 gift card to a nice sandwich shop in town (she lives in another town, but put in our zip code, bought it for us, and then printed and sent the gift certificate in Jeremy’s birthday card).  We had dinner with our three children for 83 CENTS with the groupon she spent $10 on!

I guess you can tell we are sold!  You can put in your zip code, sign up for email alerts each day so you don’t have to check the site, you can see by email what the offer is that day, and when something comes up that you want, or that you want to get as a gift for someone else.

Click HERE to check it out. . .our family gets credit if you end up liking and using the site 🙂