The Caskey Family

Pleading in Prayer

“He (God) requires us to plead with him, and to bring forth our strong reasons, As Isaiah saith, because this will show that we feel the value of the mercy.” (quote by Charles Spurgeon, who Elijah is named after)

This past week in my Bible study on Prayer (see link to “At Home Studies” on the left) I have studied about pleading in prayer. As Jeremy participates in different military activity now in the second half of his deployment, I find this learned skill of pleading in prayer to my Heavenly Father a comfort.

Some have commented on this blog and in person to me that we seem to be doing very well with this separation as a family. Only by God’s grace do we gracefully – at moments – and with joy endure it. You all don’t see me at my weakest (when I choose not to or cannot write,) and none, except God my Father, can see the war of submission that wages in my heart as I struggle to lay down my will for our family and pick up and embrace HIS will, the very will of the Creator of Heaven and Earth (who made me, my husband and each of our children.)

Our Sunday school teacher’s wife encouraged our class a few weeks ago to be transparent when God ordains and provides opportunities of suffering. . . so here I sit, at one of my weakest moments, and share with you a portion of a letter I wrote to Jeremy this evening.

“Tonight is your first real “mission” from what it seems. I struggle a little to keep my thoughts captive and trained on the truth that God directs your very life and determines every outcome of it, even your end, whenever he has chosen that to be. You are not a victim of anything (the military, politics, or even the enemy) but simply a product of God’s providence. He has and will provide all we need (Psalm 31: 14-15.)

“I plead fervently for your safety, knowing that God does not leave the righteous forsaken; I pray that he spares your life on this earth for your children’s sake that they may be trained up in the fear and admonition of the Lord (Psalm 37:25-28.)” May GOD’s will be done, not mine.

I know many of you pray regularly for our family, and Jeremy and I treasure that; God is glorified in the prayers of His children. . .thank you for blessing our family and glorifying God in this way.