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Finding “Decent” Swimwear

UPDATED!! 3/2012 – a few more sites to the list below. . . CHECK THEM OUT!!

I’ve struggled with wanting my daughter to grow up wearing (as I do) swimsuits that cover more skin than your average swimsuit.  As a toddler I’ve made this a matter of priority with my very limited shopping, and it’s one item we budget for.

Modest swimsuit swimdress

A note on two-piece suits: they aren’t always LESS modest than one-piece suits (though they usually are).  Lately I have found swim-skirts with tank-top type tops that were WAY more modest than most one-pieces.  With toddlers especially, the two-piece gives them more room to grow into and doesn’t leave a swimsuit tugging and pulling, exposing things you are trying to keep covered with the one-piece.   I have had to be willing to wade through less-than desirable options before I find the right swimsuit. . . and so here is the result of my wading:

For older girls and moms: – LOTS OF OPTIONS!! – A bit expensive, but SOOOO cute!!

For children’s sizes:

Check ebay, of course, and Target this year had a few two and one-piece suits that covered a lot, including a swimdress (pictured above, yay!)  Keep in mind that lots of stores restock with new designs part-way through the summer.

Any other suggestions?  Leave a comment please with a link.