The Caskey Family

Bunny Milk and Birth Center Visit

Here is a quick tour (given by the owner and my midwife) of the delivery suites at the Charleston Birth Place where we hope to have our son in several weeks.

Elijah calls Nesquick chocolate milk “bunny milk” because it has a picture of the Nesquick rabbit on the label.  This is a HUGE special treat in our house!  They were really good for the majority of the midwife appointment, we had to have a little reward. . . a quick trip to the park and “bunny milk.”

Like Grandma Like Granddaughter

Yesterday would have been my mother’s (Linda Ruth Ahlgren) 52nd birthday, and I made phone calls to my siblings to talk with each of them. We try to make contact on this day usually, as it is very special to celebrate her birth and life. We considered naming Merry after my mother (in some form) but decided against it (because she would have strongly disapproved of it) and chose to honor her in another way by giving her granddaughter an attribute name from one of her most quoted Bible verses Proverbs 17:22, which states that, “A merry heart does good like a medicine. . .” It was also fitting that Merry was born on Christmas.

A few days ago, I snapped this picture of Merry and Elijah eating popcorn; I did a double take with Merry when I saw her sitting there – my mom used to sit in that exact same posture with a big bowl of popcorn sharing it with us on weekend evenings while we played games or read. And Merry’s wide bright smile reminded me of the “merry” times I remember with my family, there is no doubt in my mind that she has been blessed with a small piece of the sweet and merry spirit God gave to my mom.

This week was also very special as Jeremy and I have decided to have the birth of our son at the brand new Charleston Birth Place, a freestanding birth center for low-risk pregnancies and births.  I have been receiving care from a midwife at the Navy clinic and they cleared me after I finished my last set of tests (the fun glucose test) to go ahead and have my birth at the center.

I went on the orientation and tour and it is AMAZING! It will be like having a baby at a bed and breakfast with 4-person jet tub to relax in! I am so excited, it is only a block away from the hospital (you can actually see the hospital from it) and they have all the same newborn safety equipment that the hospital has, so there is no risk, and so many great benefits to getting to have our baby there. I mention this in this blog post, because my mother is probably the one person who has helped me brave enough to try natural childbirth with my first two and stick it out, as she allowed me to witness the births of two of my sisters (one at home and one in a hospital.)’

Also, on my mom’s birthday, Jeremy and I were given a small glimmer of hope in the form of a general potential date regarding his return. . .there is now some possible light at the end of this tunnel!! Praise GOD!