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UPDATED WITH MORE CAFB pics! Lasts and Firsts – Promised Pictures

2011 Update: I get more hits on this for pics of the AFB housing at Charleston than any other post on my blog. Though we no longer live there, I found a few more pics. We lived on the south enlisted housing, so that is where these pics are taken. They were renovating when we left, including our house, so things may look a little different, though you can get a good idea of the spacing and sizes.

We LOVED living on base because of how close the housing was to work for my husband. He skipped all the traffic getting onto base. If you would like to talk to us about the base, you can email us at if you have specific questions. It is a beautiful area and there are great family activities and community there.

One last visit with some of our friends in Nebraska


Last Sunday at our church in Omaha


Last visit with the Wades – they followed us to Kansas City for some quality family fun time at the Great Wolf Lodge


Elijah and Merry’s first water park experience . . . WOW!


Our house on Charleston AFB – gotta love base housing! Daddy gets the first seat and starts taking inventory


Elijah and Merry’s first SUPER-playground – right out our backyard (whoever designed this playground wasn’t messing around!)  Check out the moss hanging from these trees in our backyard!!  So cool!


Our first visit to downtown Charleston; we bought some flowers at the farmer’s market and Elijah gave Merry her first flower. . . SO sweet!


The next pictures I hope to post are before and after pictures of the inside of our house. We are having fun decorating and making some small progress. I’m so excited to make this house our own!

Just some stats, by the way:

One of the things we just love about our house is how close we are to things, for example, we are about half a mile away from the following (we take the bikes on bike trails to these places often)

Base Exchange



Jeremy’s Work

The Gym and swimming pool

Bowling Alley

Base Theater


By the way, if you are looking for a great church, you will be totally blessed by a visit to our home church there in Charleston “Grace on the Ashley” Totally worth AT LEAST one visit, just to check it out!