The Caskey Family

Imaginations Run Wild

One of the skills we have encouraged in our children is the use of their imaginations. Recently I have seen both children have imaginative play that is independent of anything I, or someone else, suggested.

Merry has been using any purse-like object as a purse, putting things in and carrying them around, saying “bye-bye.” She is also doing things with her babies like carrying them around for extended periods of time wrapped in a blanket. Her use of props is different than what Elijah did at this age.

Elijah yesterday at the playground came up to Risa, Merry and me and asked us “you want to pet my dinosaur,” holding up a long stick that did sort of look like a dinosaur. “He really sweet,” he said, “he not bite.” Eventually he named his pet stick dinosaur (Elijah of course!) and rode on his back home (like a hobby horse.) I don’t know where Elijah the stick dinosaur ended up when we got home. Perhaps we’ll meet up with him again when we go outside.


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