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Pre-Pre-School – Our First Day (Plus)
October 10, 2007, 1:15 am
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Today was our first day of school for Elijah! Our theme this week is cows, and he learned that a baby cow is a calf. We also read some stories with cows in them. Mimi read with us and played on her own while we did some “work.” Here is a picture of him showing me ONE cracker that is a SQUARE (two other things are learning this week). We also began memorizing Genesis 1:1 and reciting Hey Diddle Diddle (it has a cow in it!)


My sisters have asked me “you don’t plan on having him SIT in that desk you bought him, do you?!?!” Today he proved he wasn’t a sitting scholar – I don’t think his bum touched that seat once during our entire school time! I just couldn’t resist a desk with storage in it just his size! (Craigslist, of course!) I’ve been putting little school things in his desk little by little since we got here, and let him look in, but not touch the “fun” things he had to look forward to when “school started” today. It was quite entertaining, but it has also worked well, because I can confine the color crayons and playdough to his desk, and he doesn’t know any difference at this house.


Congratulations my Elijah! I am so pleased with how big you are getting! May your heart learn to fear the Lord, and love wisdom and understanding. . .may it become sweet to your soul! (Proverbs 24:14)

I plan to add to this blog as we progress in our school – so you can return to this blog if you want to see how school is coming along for Elijah.  I’ll not bother everyone with all the details unless you want to look for yourself 🙂

 Friday, October 19, 2007

We worked on week two of the curriculum, but had lots of other things going, so we were a little more flexible.  We continued to work on Genesis 1:1, dropped the nursery rhyme/poem, except for a few readings.  Books about the jungle were sparse at our library, and the one good one was WAY too long for Elijah’s attention span.  We kept reading some of our cow books from last week at his request.  We talked about the animals that live in the jungle, and watched the Lion King – we may rent The Jungle Book from the library this weekend since I can’t find our copy.  I also snagged a set of memory cards from the dollar bin at the BX a few weeks ago that were all JUNGLE animals!  I was so excited, and Elijah has totally liked matching up the cards.

We really worked on the number two and the letter B and practiced recognizing the color green.  I got some good time with him today to sit down and really work on those things from different angles (using our snack, playdough and going through a magazine talking about all the things that started with B, etc.)