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I’m Not on Guam Anymore!
February 12, 2012, 6:03 pm
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Yesterday the snow was falling thick, but the temperature was above freezing (go figure?) and I saw someone out in their short-sleeved t-shirt as I loaded my grocery bags into the car. . . bags that filled with snow in the few minutes from the store to the car.

And since when does a fleece count as a jacket?

It has been a mild winter for here (I do agree it has been very pleasant!) and so people are really taking advantage of the “balmy” weather with open-toed shoes, open jackets and rarely a hat, glove or scarf.

I guess I really look like the newbie here, decked out in every warm-weather piece of apparel I have. Don’t look at me weird, please. It’s freezing out here people. . .LITERALLY freezing! Merry, on the other hand, our thick-blooded Nebraska-born beauty goes out in her lightest coat, often un-zipped, in open-topped hot pink Sleeping Beauty shoes. At least she’s wearing socks. . .most days.

From Homeschool to Public School
January 20, 2012, 9:45 pm
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Probably one of the most surprising decisions (to us and others!) since coming to Emporium, was our decision to send our children to public school here in Emporium. There was a lot that played into the decision, but what it came down to was what was best for our children and what would honor the Lord as we try to raise them to fear Him. We have held homeschooling very loosely, committing to it as long as we felt it was the best for our children and family. And we have loved every minute of it along the way.

When we started exploring our options, public school was probably BARELY on the table. However, after visiting the school, talking with faculty and parents who send their children to public school here, we made the decision to try it. Playing into the decision was small class sizes, a Christian principal, and a peaceful school environment.

After Elijah has had one week of school, I think we can say confidently that this is going to be a wonderful blessing! I’m sure we will have our bumps in the road, but Elijah is learning so much, being challenged, and enjoying new friendships.

Such a growing up little boy! I’m missing having him at home, but the times at home can be very sweet, and there’s always homework that I get my “homeschooling fix” with.

We just got word today that a preschool spot has opened up for Merry, and she will be starting on Monday, four days a week, and we can be very involved in her schooling, so we are excited about that. She was bouncing around today like a little rubber ball – she’s beyond excited!

Here are a few pictures of the little five-year-old on her birthday with friends and since with cousins.

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday, Merry
December 24, 2010, 11:24 pm
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Tomorrow is Daddy’s favorite day of the year: Christmas and the birth of his favorite little girl, Merry, 4 years ago.  Here are some recent pictures of our little girl.  Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

What We’ve Been Doing
November 16, 2010, 5:23 pm
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One of my last blog posts contained a reading list. . .sigh.  I’m accomplishing that, but not much else (including good regular blogging!!)  We are busy with seminary life, involved in our church, Kenwood Baptist Church and loving watching our children grow.  So you don’t miss out on the children growing up, I thought I’d post a few pics:

Here are the children snuggling on the couch watching a movie.  No, this was not posed, they actually watch movies like this sometimes!

Picking apples with friends

And of course, getting into trouble is a common occurrence too!

And we actually got a family photo taken recently!!

This is us on the steps of the library Jeremy’s second “office”!


Happy Three-And-A-Half-Birthday Merry!
June 26, 2010, 12:17 am
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Today we made our first attempt at celebrating Merry on a day other than her actual birthday.  It’s going to be interesting for her to share her birthday with the day we celebrate our Lord’s birthday!  We celebrate her on her “real birthday” and had a neighborhood cupcake party today with cherry lemonade and jumping in the jumphouse.
This is our attempt at making sure she doesn’t get lost in the holiday shuffle.  We want to make sure that over the years she knows that when God decided to bless our family with her, we were excited indeed!

Merry is indeed reason to celebrate!  She is growing up into quite the lady.  I asked her if she wanted spaghetti for her half-birthday dinner and she said, “no, I want pasta.”

Today during our history lesson we were talking about Adam and Eve eating the fruit off the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and she points to the picture of the serpent and informs all of us that Adam and Eve ate it AND the serpent ate some too.  Interesting.  Of course she’s getting her theological stance from the pictures in their history book.

Here’s a picture of her I took of her holding a HUGE zucchini I got out of our garden today, and below that, posing with her new friend and Jesse (her toy from Toy Story):

Homeschool Decisions

So it looks like we are taking the plunge. . . we will officially do homeschool KINDERGARTEN for Elijah and PRESCHOOL for Merry this upcoming school year.

After a fun day yesterday at Jeremy’s first EVER homeschool event, a HUGE homeschool used curriculum fair, it feels like we’ve found what is just right: Little Hearts for His Glory for Elijah and Rod and Staff Preschool for Merry.

While looking at lots of books, we got to talk with some moms about what we were considering, and finally got some clarification.

Rod and Staff for Merry is easy to use, independent, and workbook-ish, just like her personality, along with manipulatives (hopefully not like her personality).

For Elijah, I’m SO EXCITED!  The curriculum pulls together resources from a few avenues I was considering (some Rod and Staff AND books I remember LOVING as a child, and the Bible book they recommend is authored by one of our very favorite Bible story-book writers Kenneth Taylor) and package them in an EASY-TO-USE format that has very little prep. I need that! It is written by a teacher, and so I understand and like they way she’s laid it out. It is unit-study format in a way, but also chronologically presenting Bible and History with the other subjects.

You are an Evil Man
May 30, 2010, 1:01 am
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As I putting some laundry away in the children’s closet this afternoon, I overheard Merry playing with her Fisher Price Little People (the old ones from when Jeremy was growing up.)  “You are a bad man, you’re evil!  You have to stay here under the bed, you are evil!”

On my way out I glance to see who she’s giving this lecture to, because she seems to be convinced that he is a bad guy for some reason, and I didn’t know they had those among that collection.  She was shoving BERT from Sesame Street under the bed!

“Merry, I know he’s funny-looking, but he’s not a bad guy, that’s a nice guy, Bert, he’s not bad!”  She responds very insistently, “Mommy, I don’t like him, he’s evil.”