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Moses Rides a Bike
October 1, 2009, 6:19 pm
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Says Elijah to Merry as they look at a picture of Moses riding a chariot: “Look Merry!  It’s Moses riding his bike with his horses!”

Says Merry to Elijah, very seriously: “Let me call my husband. . .” picking up the mandolin tuner, holding it to her ear and tilting her head sideways, “Hi Daddy, what are you doing today?”

Is Today National Embarrass Your Mommy Day?
August 25, 2009, 1:08 am
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On an excursion today to the seminary with some neighbors and the children, we passed a nice shaded bench with a lady student studying quietly seated there.  After we pass the bench, Elijah stops, turns around, points to the bench and says “Look, Mommy, it’s a bench!”  Nothing wrong with that sentence right?  Nothing wrong except the pronunciation!  Elijah replaces the “n” in “bench” with a “t.”  So I say VERY LOUDLY hoping the lady hears me “Yes, Elijah, it’s a BENNNNCH!!

Only a few minutes later on the walk, another of our neighbors joins us on our walk.  Suddenly, without any warning, Merry and Elijah pick a tree next to the road to stop at and drop their pants.  Both my neighbors are trying to stifle their laughter (I’m assuming because they are RELIEVED it’s NOT THEIR CHILDREN DOING THIS!) Elijah goes to the backside of the tree (as we have trained him in for an emergency such as this) and of course pees.  Merry is just standing there on the front side of the tree, with her pants around her ankles.  Bare bum showing to all the cars driving into the entrance of the seminary.  As I pull up Merry’s pants, I ask her if she needed to go potty, she says, “no” in a very matter-of-fact way.  Come on!  If you are going to drop your drawers in public, at least have a good reason!

Jeremy attempts Solomon’s wisdom with mixed results
June 15, 2009, 1:05 am
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Jeremy writes,
Today was a good Lord’s Day. We were blessed to try Clifton Baptist Church and are debating as to where to go next week – probably Immanuel. After lunch, and after Mom and little Micah went down for naps, I had the privilege to sit in the kids room and play and take a pseudo nap myself, amidst being pounced on and “snuggled” – which sometimes turns violent (an elbow here or there). While I was lying there Elijah and Merry started quarreling over Merry’s baby doll, both determined to have it. I aroused from my “sleep” and asked the two of them to come here and to “bring the baby.”

I thought this might be a perfect time for a lesson in sharing and what better story to tell than Solomon and the two women arguing over the baby. First, in my “wisdom” I tried playing Solomon myself and asked them both if they’d like me to cut it in half so they could both have a piece of it. Elijah immediately and morbidly acquiesced, while Merry seemed hesitant, wanting it all for herself. Elijah pipes in again, “Yeah cut it,” wearing a huge grin, “let me get your knife” as he proceeds to reach into my pocket. I was somewhat horrified and asked Merry again what she wanted me to do and following Elijah’s depraved lead, she agreed that cutting it seemed best. It was at this point that I had no other choice but to … (if you think I cut it, you guessed wrong) tell them the whole story of Solomon and the two women and who the baby was actually given to – the real mother who loved her child enough to give it away.

They enjoyed the story and decided to share. Hopefully they learned something, but perhaps I may have learned more. Given the most depraved option, my kids will probably go that direction. Perhaps I shouldn’t tempt that.

Miss and Masters Potato Head
March 8, 2009, 12:18 pm
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The other day I walked into the living room and Elijah had put the Mr. Potato Head glasses onto Micah.  He was sitting there looking through his glasses and sucking on his pacifier happily.  We had to get the other ones (from this lovely huge anniversary set Jeremy got them) and made a few more potato heads!


This is not a postcard.  This is a picture Elijah took out the car window from his carseat on our way to some friends’ house in Hollywood, SC! No photo editing done – just a beautiful shot of a beautiful scene!


I LOVE this photo because of how worried Merry looks.  Micah was just ready to eat and couldn’t understand why Mommy kept taking pictures instead of feeding him!  “Micah needs some milk, Momma. . .” a common comment in our house.

The car is alive, with the sound of children
February 9, 2009, 1:42 am
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Jeremy here,
Elijah and Merry both love to listen to “The Sound of Music” any and every time we ride in the car.  Elijah has elected himself both the choirmaster and dictator of this little opus. 

Elijah plays the part of Maria, giving himself most of the songs.  Daddy gets the parts of Ralf and Christopher Plummer.  Merry is the eldest daughter, the nuns, and any other female child.  If Adina would work harder or take better direction from her three year old, perhaps she too will someday get a part.  If Merry dares to sing any other part other than those Elijah has picked for her she is sharply rebuked.  Merry often likes to sing Maria’s lines.  Likewise, if she misses her cue, Elijah impatiently commands her to sing.  All that is missing is Phantom of the Opera’s “(sing) angel of music!” 

I thoroughly enjoy this little interplay, but Adina is a bit concerned in letting it continue.  If this is all the children have to quarrel over, then it is my opinion that we’re in pretty good shape.  Of course, I was once the self-elected dictator of my own sibling group, so what do I know.  “Climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow, till you find your dream!”

Toddler Road Trip
January 30, 2009, 12:59 am
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Anyone who sets out on one needs to get their head examined. And those who think it would be a “fun vacation” are even more delusional! I would know. . . here we are on a “fun vacation” that will include over 30 hours of car time by the time we are done.


I HAD to blog about our day. Of course I have to start with how our day yesterday ended. Yesterday, somehow, a section of the trip that we thought would take 15 minutes ended up to be over two hours of winding through the mountains. . . all the while we are promising the children that when we stop (in just a little bit, of course!) we would swim at the big indoor water park. When we get there, we find out that we would have to fork out over $50 more for the park admission. Nice. The children are crying in the car and mom is crying at the front desk and dad is ready to choke us all because we are all crying. Even nicer.

We did get good sleep last night, praise the Lord, and Jeremy was hoping to get on the road by 8:00 A.M. after breakfast at this big pancake place. By 9:30 or so we finally get out of the parking lot of the hotel. Skip the pancakes, we’ll eat cereal in ziplock baggies , milk in sippie cups on the road, and fruit snacks for our vitamin C for the day.

Of course we HAVE to get out of the parking lot without looking at and agreeing on directions for the day because we are in a hurry. We go right out of the parking lot, and after 5 minutes, decide to turn around and go back, past the hotel into the little town. When we get into town we stop for directions (finally.) We are told to go back past our hotel, past where we drove already, and we will get to the highway we are hoping to get to. When we are about 45 miles or so from our hotel (almost two hours later!) Merry throws up everything all over herself and her carseat. Elijah tries not to look, Jeremy pulls over and tries not to throw up himself.  I Lysol everything, Jeremy fills up with gas, I change Merry, clean her carseat with babywipes and we are on the road again.

We stop for lunch, and of course we have to have vomit session number two a little while down the road. This time JEREMY is in the back seat. All I see in the rearview mirror is him holding a blanket in front of Merry sort of shielding himself from the onslaught of partially digested KFC and milk. Stop again, air out the car (it’s below freezing). Elijah declines an offer to use the bathroom. On the road again. 20 minutes down the road “I need to go peepee.” Pull over and pick to use the ONE gas station that doesn’t have a working bathroom. So since Elijah HAS to go, I give him a little privacy at the back of the gas station with my winter jacket and let him do his thing, as two trucks pull up, and from what I can hear, some kind of “transaction” takes place. . .in broad daylight with lots of people around.

A few hours later we arrive to the AFB where Jeremy is getting his lasik done, and he asks if we can go to the hospital just so he knows where to go check in in the morning. We drive the 2 minutes out of the way and pass the military hotel. They already told us they were booked a few weeks ago, but we decided to go in and check. It was so close to the hospital and we just had a regular room booked off base. He comes out of the lodging office with a key to A THREE BEDROOM TEMPORARY LODGING UNIT for less than what we were going to have to pay for a regular hotel room, and right across the street from the hospital! And they have a washer and dryer so we can wash all the outfits and blankets we went through today! God is so good to us. . . crazy day, great end!

Cleaning Off All the Germs
January 9, 2009, 1:12 am
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Today at MOPPETS (while I attended MOPS) the children learned all about germs and hygiene. They even made a HUGE germ for craft time.  Tonight I put them in the bathtub and Elijah took it upon himself as I had my back turned to pour in an entire bottle of baby shampoo. I scolded him and told him he didn’t need to use a WHOLE bottle of shampoo, just a little. He gives me the EMPTY bottle, lays down in the tub of bubbles (talk about an expensive bubble bath!) and starts washing himself in a sing song voice “washing off all the germs, washing off all the germs.” Of course I had to take a picture. . .


Here’s Micah in all his handsomeness