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Wii Mario Kart Saga
August 26, 2008, 12:11 am
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I’ve been duly chided. Jeremy says it’s been 9 days since I’ve posted about the children or us over here in the US. I guess he thinks it’s cheating to post stuff about him and his videos and keep you all updated on him . . .go figure! I guess he doesn’t think it’s as interesting as we are.

My list for today included going to the the post office to mail a few packages, which is a field trip in itself, one trip to a Game Stop (yes, Adina went to a video game store!!) and a stop at the arena near us to get GOOD SEATS (got to love the military discounts!) for Disney on Ice for our family for the 16th of NOVEMBER. . . our whole family of 5 will go for $31.50 (and I didn’t purchase the cheapest tickets either!) I am praying Jeremy will be home, and it looks like that may very well happen! I was so excited to buy something that had a date on it for AFTER his return potentially!

Hardly do I ever have 100% success at all my errands, but we were blessed with that today. Most surprising was the Game Stop visit – I was actually able to purchase Mario Kart for Wii, which has been out of stock EVERYWHERE since the early summer when I started looking for it. Jeremy asked me to purchase that with his birthday money from his Grandma, and practice it while he was gone so that I would perhaps be close to a competitive level to play with him when he returns (he is being kind. . .even after months of practice, it may still only take him 3 minutes to beat me, but I guess that’s better than the 30 seconds it usually takes me to lose a video game against him.)

So, I find out they have some at the Game Stop down the road, and I get there and purchase the second to the last one they have; I get in the van and explain to Elijah and Merry that we finally got Dadda his game for his birthday; as we drive away, Elijah says, “I want to see ‘da game for Dadda, Momma.” So I hand it to him in the bag, packaged up, he opens the bag (I can hear this, I’m driving out of the parking lot) and says “I’ll show it to Mimi. . . WOW, look at ‘dat, what a nice game!” (LOTS OF DRAMA in his voice) I chuckle to myself as he has no idea that it isn’t a new version of “HiHO Cherry-O” or something like that. He continues in the back, “Look, Mimi, you’re really gonna’ like ‘dat game, it’s nice.” I laugh even more as I realize that Elijah is more like his daddy than we realize sometimes. . . doing with Merry what Jeremy has already done with me. . .try to make me think I will like playing this “nice” video game, talking it up and showing me how amazing it is. . .

So. . .the children are in bed, and I’m going to take a stab at this and hope that in Elijah’s words, I’m “. . .really gonna’ like ‘dat game!”

Watch One of Jeremy’s Latest Pieces
August 22, 2008, 12:56 am
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Here are some interesting videos Jeremy shot on some recent missions. This is public footage, kinda’ cool that we get to see his work only two or three days after he shot the footage!  This is the good stuff FOX or CNN or NBC won’t ever show you. . . I love the humanitarian/Iraqi-American cooperation view we get to see!  You may have to be patient – they take a little to load. I’m going to try to get some photo links up for his partner’s portfolio (which have some photos of him in them of course!)

Jeremy’s Update
August 20, 2008, 12:41 am
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Jeremy writes,
I just wanted to give everyone a quick update and post a couple of photos. I am settled in at my new location at a Forward Operating Base in Iraq, and have had the opportunity to get a few missions under my belt. With recent events in the country of Georgia, Georgian forces have pulled out of this location and have returned to their country. I’ve been able to document that as well as the Iraqis in the city of Al-Kut along the Tigris River, the cradle of civilization.

Here I am with a member of the Iraqi media.

Me interviewing a Georgian officer.

Jeremy’s mission to Afghanistan
August 5, 2008, 3:17 pm
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Jeremy writes,

For those of you who don’t know, I went on a mission to Afghanistan to conduct a detainee release.  The trip was a success and the detainee will be released after several years in U.S. custody.  Afghanistan was comparatively cool, 80 degrees instead of 120 (here in Iraq).  The photo above is of me and the security team, medic, and interpreter who composed the detail to Afghanistan.  If you notice I am wearing an Army uniform, something we Air Force combat cameraman do on missions.  


On the way home I spent a couple of days in the country of Qatar, weapon free, enjoying the amenities that are more prevalent at an Air Force deployed location such as pool, movie theater, various fast food establishments, library, and the like.  I know all of those things sound fairly normal to most Americans, but they are to be appreciated when you do without them.  Several Air Force personnel in Qatar kept coming up to me with a baffled look on their face as to why I was wearing an Army uniform with Air Force rank and markings on it – something generally you only see from Air Force Special Forces that go out with the Army.  I’ve never been a ‘cool’ guy, but that was about as close as I got.  One guy actually asked me if I was Special Forces.  When I said, “No, I’m Combat Camera”, he said, “Oh … well, that’s just as cool”.  



I also got to pass over United Arab Emirates and see the city of Dubai, from the air, and the island resort atolls off of its coast.  Even though I am stationed at a C-17 base at home, I finally got to ride one on the way back from Afghanistan.  It was a good trip.  I have a few days of down time before I head to my next location here in country.


Hatty Birtday to Dadda
July 31, 2008, 1:27 am
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Happy 30th Birthday Jeremy!!

We love you very much! From what it looks like, Jeremy will spend his birthday in TWO different countries! WOW! Talk about being a travelin’ man!

Pleading in Prayer

“He (God) requires us to plead with him, and to bring forth our strong reasons, As Isaiah saith, because this will show that we feel the value of the mercy.” (quote by Charles Spurgeon, who Elijah is named after)

This past week in my Bible study on Prayer (see link to “At Home Studies” on the left) I have studied about pleading in prayer. As Jeremy participates in different military activity now in the second half of his deployment, I find this learned skill of pleading in prayer to my Heavenly Father a comfort.

Some have commented on this blog and in person to me that we seem to be doing very well with this separation as a family. Only by God’s grace do we gracefully – at moments – and with joy endure it. You all don’t see me at my weakest (when I choose not to or cannot write,) and none, except God my Father, can see the war of submission that wages in my heart as I struggle to lay down my will for our family and pick up and embrace HIS will, the very will of the Creator of Heaven and Earth (who made me, my husband and each of our children.)

Our Sunday school teacher’s wife encouraged our class a few weeks ago to be transparent when God ordains and provides opportunities of suffering. . . so here I sit, at one of my weakest moments, and share with you a portion of a letter I wrote to Jeremy this evening.

“Tonight is your first real “mission” from what it seems. I struggle a little to keep my thoughts captive and trained on the truth that God directs your very life and determines every outcome of it, even your end, whenever he has chosen that to be. You are not a victim of anything (the military, politics, or even the enemy) but simply a product of God’s providence. He has and will provide all we need (Psalm 31: 14-15.)

“I plead fervently for your safety, knowing that God does not leave the righteous forsaken; I pray that he spares your life on this earth for your children’s sake that they may be trained up in the fear and admonition of the Lord (Psalm 37:25-28.)” May GOD’s will be done, not mine.

I know many of you pray regularly for our family, and Jeremy and I treasure that; God is glorified in the prayers of His children. . .thank you for blessing our family and glorifying God in this way.

Jeremy’s Romans Bible Study
July 23, 2008, 11:19 am
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Pictured from left to right:

Shawn, Robert, Me, Zach, Dave (our leader), Dan, Sami, Mark, and Matt

The other night I had my last Romans Bible study here in Iraq before I move to a different location in country. I have been blessed to know these men. Each one seeks to honor God and know Him in all they do. Despite our various backgrounds, both Semi-Pelagian and Calvinist (me being of the latter persuasion), we got through Romans 9 and election unscathed.

I have befriended several of these guys, but one in particular that stands out is Zachariah Spurgeon Maxcey (same middle name as Elijah). We are kindred spirits. You can always count on him for a warm smile and loving exhortation. He will leave the service next year to pursue his Masters of Divinity at either Providence Theological Seminary or Reformed Theological Seminary, depending on where his wife is assigned in her last year of service. Please pray for him as he makes the transition. Two interesting facts about Zach: He’s a West Point graduate and his wife is actually here with him, deployed in Iraq (kind of neat)!