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I am THAT Blogger (who never updates their blog!)
August 18, 2015, 12:17 am
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Our neighbors across the street from us said the other night, “so who has a blog they haven’t updated in even a year??”  I guess they got nosy and googled us. . .this isn’t strange behavior, really, it isn’t, military people do this, I guess.  Google their neighbors and don’t update blogs, I mean.

So here’s an update:
Life is beautiful.  Some days are hard, just like everyone else’s days.  But God is faithful and we are blessed to have the family and life we have.  It is a privilege to serve our Master Jesus Christ and we find so much joy in the work He has given us to do (for some of us it’s not really that glamorous, it means cleaning our rooms, making an effort to be a good friend or sibling, washing dishes and teaching basic reading and math!)

Homeschooling was more of a success than we could have hoped, and we have decided to continue with a second year.

Our children are growing and healthy, and becoming more uniquely themselves every day.

We love our neighborhood and living on base so very much, several homeschooling families around us, and friends galore for the kiddos. . .what an amazing community we are blessed with here!

We got to visit Guam this Spring (yay for space-available!!) so of course here’s a few pictures:

P1020781  This is the spot where we were married 16 years ago, and so it was fun to go back and show our kiddos!

IMG_1790These guys are really growing up!!

IMG_1713Merry girl at our wedding site overlooking Magellan’s Bay

P1020813Micah building a sand castle at the beach on Guam

IMG_1851  The children at the end of one of our flights (I never looked this good after a plane trip)

P1020743Elijah getting to talk to the pilot from the co-pilot’s seat (it was a training evaluation flight, so there were four pilots. . .it wasn’t flying unmanned!)  This was probably the smoothest flights I’ve ever taken in my life.  We landed and the only way we knew we were on the ground was because something shifted in the plane and we could tell we were slowing down!  AMAZING!!  We’ll just say that our children don’t want to fly commercial any more!!

IMG_1674 The biggest blessing in our travel was getting to put flowers on my mom’s grave again, this time with Jeremy and our children.  It was wonderful, and beautiful, and healing somehow, to share a little more of her with them.  Jeremy took this picture of us while I answered all their questions about her.  Somehow this just made her more real to them.  That was good.  Micah asked me, “was she as kind as you, mommy?”  “Oh Micah, I don’t know if I’m as kind as her.  She was probaby the kindest person I’ve ever known.”
There’s so much going on, but I’m learning the ropes of military life and there’s so much real life stuff I can’t share online.  The important stuff.  So I’m toying with the idea of starting an anonymous blog that those of you who know who we are can follow and know it’s us.

I don’t want to close this blog because it has archived so many of our days, and wonderful memories, but I have done some things with this blog that do not work in our current social/political/military/religious/whatever climate.  Like the names of our family members, details about our lives that would make us an easy target if I added current information.

So. . .future posts may be on another blog, and if you would like a link to that blog, please email me and remind me of who you are (sometimes the email address doesn’t give it away).  Our email is still adina seven seven (numbers not spelled out) at  We also love updates from you all as well!!  You may comment on the blog, but please do not leave identifying information that would link you to us, including relative titles with last names (like grandma, or uncle, etc)

Grace and Peace, and please follow us wherever we go!!

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Miss all of you — Thankful that you are happy! Great pictures!

Comment by Pat Luckenbill


Bloggers who never update are surely a less frustrating breed than the people who aren’t even diligent enough to send an annual update. (I’m told I know someone in the latter category, and that friends would like her to change.)

Yes, PLEASE send links and/or other info for your new blog. Distant as you are, and rarely as we talk, you are dear to me and always close to my heart; losing contact would wound me more than I can say.

I’ve been thinking of you often. Benjamin and I will be out of town for a couple of weeks in September. When we come back, we will start the scary, exciting, invasive process to do in-vitro. Every time parenting starts to sound scary I tend to think of you, and your graceful, matter-of-fact ways with your own brood–the way I saw you respecting their individual personhood (is that a word?) and gently guiding them, teaching them even when you weren’t directly interacting with them. Instead of the children being your whole world to the exclusion of all else, or (horror!) being an unwanted intrusion into your activities, you seem to be their expedition team leader, explaining and helping them to understand their experiences, setting rules based on your extensive experience on Earth, and making sure they don’t miss the Good/God stuff. That short visit with you when you were in the area continues to be one of my favorite parenting examples on which to reflect.

And now that I’ve embarrassed you… Thank you, as always, for being the joyful and lovely person you are.

Seeing your recent pics from Guam leaves me nostalgic; it’s still one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen.

Be well, Lady! Tiara

Comment by Tiara R


Comment by Rev. Stuart Tully

Hi Adina, Iove reading your blog- that you hardly ever update!  Dropping you a line to get your new blog link.  I love seeing pictures of the kiddos as they grow and hearing stories of how you and your family are doing.  Praying for God’s protection over your families privacy and information tonight!  I am glad to see all is well in your adventure in Utah!  

Kara Martz

Comment by kara

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