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“We’ll be Responsible, Mommy” and Other Random Conversations of the Day
December 14, 2014, 12:31 am
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Today as I make more preparations to go pick up our Christmas guests, Jeremy comes down with a terrible version of the Winter bugs going around.  We’ll just say his body is getting rid of everything it can in any way it can.  It’s not pretty.

The children ask me, “what are we going to do when you leave if Daddy is still sick?”  I reassure them that life will go on and instead of him taking care of them, they will have to take care of him.  Micah says, “I’m a big guy now, and I can take care of him like a Doctor.”

“We’ll be responsible, Mommy. . .but how are we going to eat?”  That’s where Elijah comes in.  Just yesterday I heard the sweetest words a mommy could hear from a 9-year-old boy, “no mommy, I’m not going to play video games quietly when I wake up, I’m going to cook breakfast burritos for everyone.”  And he did this morning.  I made sure he got some “electronics time” anyways.

This afternoon as we rode home from an outing, Merry (like a typical girl) started talking about how she wants to be married someday.  Elijah states, “I’m NEVER going to be married, and don’t talk to me about it!”

“Oh, Elijah, that’s what your daddy said before he met me. . .then it all changed,” I tell him.

Merry chimes in agreeably: “you’ll change your mind when you get older.”

“I want to get married someday,” says little soft-hearted Micah.

“NEVER!  Not me!” Comes the firm response from Elijah.

Somehow I find a way to smother my giggle.  I love this, “girls are icky” stage.  I hope it lasts a while.

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