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I Hope She Gets a Goal
November 1, 2014, 11:56 pm
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This morning Elijah (fully dressed for his soccer game) crawled into bed with me to snuggle and said, “I just hope Merry gets a goal today.” It is the last game of the soccer season, and probably the last time they will get to play on a team together, at least for a while since he will be moving up next season. I talked with him about how thankful I was that he always tries his hardest, but also is learning to put the team first, which means he may pass the ball sometimes even though he could get a goal, just so someone else has a chance to try for a goal. He tends to be very competitive and I am so thankful that he is learning this lesson so young. He also has had (and currently has) some amazing coaches that really stress the importance of teamwork.

Partway through the last half, the coach put them both on offense together and Merry tapped the ball into the goal as it passed her on its’ way to Elijah from another teammate. She was so proud of herself, and Elijah was doubly proud! It was her first goal and Elijah had gotten his wish!

For those who enjoy soccer or have children who do, Elijah would likely recommend a book he has been reading recently called Pele: Why Soccer Matters, and I think it has had a huge influence on his attitude toward the game and people he plays with.

Thankful today for the sanctifying grace of God that causes us to walk in ways contrary to our human nature. What a beautiful thing it is!

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So proud of this boy. Elijah, I am sending you a BIG hug xoxoxox

Comment by Rebecca Stretton

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