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Have You Met my Sister Merry?
December 5, 2013, 1:29 pm
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As the children are growing older and more verbal, we are enjoying conversation with them like never before.  I wish I could freeze time some days so I could take it all in!  They are each precious children with sweet and individual personalities that bring joy to so many.

Tuesday at school, I overheard Micah (I get to spend lots of time in his class) say to a classmate, “Have you met my sister, Merry, she’s kind.”  It made my heart happy to see his honestly beautiful opinion of his sister come out to a friend.

As we have talked with our children about gifts we are making, buying or finding for each other as Christmas (and birthdays for a few of us) arrive soon, Merry said, “you get me whatever think I should have, I always like what you get me.”  When pressed further, she asked for new gym shoes and an alarm clock; she’s such a practical girl. 

Micah on his way to school the other day received good big brotherly advice from Elijah about how to deal with some issues at school.  Elijah’s maturity baffles me sometimes, and makes me thankful I get to be his mommy.

I am amazed at how God takes our feeble attempts to serve Him and blesses them in ways we could not even think to ask.  My children are proof of that.  God is good, and He is at work. . .all glory to Him!

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Amen and thank you Lord-

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Comment by Stuart TULLY

What a beautiful post! Take some credit as parents and know that what your children are, is how you have taught them. But…. as you say, “All praise to God”

Comment by Kelly's Daddy

When you lived with me, Adina, you were kind and loving and practical. And now you are passing those traits onto a new generation. It makes me so happy to know you and your beautiful family. Sending you all hugs over the ocean and grateful to the God who joins us though we are far apart. xoxox

Comment by Rebecca Stretton

Thank you Rebecca, I so miss you! Please come for tea soon!

Comment by icaskey

My dear precious family,
How I love your letters and pictures. You all have grown and delighted our hearts. God is good. He takes good care of our lives and he tender with our hearts. Merry Christmas to all . Be safe, healthy and know you are always loved in this world and the next.

Comment by 353 Rockhill Ave, Kettering, Ohio 45429

Aunt Molly! So good to hear from you! I sent you a postcard just yesterday! Thank you for the sweet words!

Comment by icaskey

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