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News of our Children
February 2, 2013, 3:48 pm
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We enjoy a snowy winter this year and the first anniversary of our journey here in Emporium!  How blessed we are!  The children are growing and we lived through a bout of the flu and everyone did they have been taught: they shared and took turns 🙂  Gotta’ love it!

My brother Jonathan proposed to his beautiful girlfriend, Hannah, and she accepted. . .I think we may have been more excited than him!  In Elijah’s words, “I’m glad she said yes!”  We are so proud of him, and also Beth (my younger sister) as they continue to flourish in adulthood.  I’m so thankful that Hannah has chosen to join the Ahlgren family, she is a joy and a blessing, not just to Jonathan, but I know for us in the years to come as our sister now! 

We are blessed beyond measure, overflowing and pouring out, because of the goodness of our great God, to HIM be the glory!!


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Oh that is wonderful news! How old is Jonathan now? It is amazing how fast the years fly!

Comment by Cassie Tynan

Yea!! I was very happy to see a blog update in my email. Congrats to your whole family on the new in-law! 🙂

Comment by Julie

Oh, Julie, how are you???!! We need to catch up sometime! I have thought of you often lately! Hugs to your little beauties from our family!

Comment by icaskey

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