The Caskey Family

25 Years to Life
February 15, 2012, 12:14 pm
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One thing we have enjoyed about our church is the spirit of love and joy we know when we are there. A few Sundays ago, our family was “loved” in a particularly humorous way, as we arrived at church to find this “newspaper clipping” about our family:

The body of the article reads as follows:

Louisville, Kentucky – USA TODAY learned the truth behind statements “Hard Knocks” and “Crime Doesn’t Pay.” A Louisville gang leader and his gang were tried by District Judge Peter M. Marcus for various high crimes and misdemeanors at Jefferson County Circuit Court, 600 West Jefferson Street, Louisville. Gang leader

Jeremy Caskey and his Lieutenant Adina Caskey were tried jointly along with other members of the Caskey Gang. The gang was caught red-handed based on information provided by informant Dr. Denny Burk. It appears that the Caskey Gang was involved in a variety of crimes, some of which could not be discussed in open court because of their sensitivity.

Jeremy Caskey made trips to Iraq where he photographed Special Forces groups conducting unmentionable acts during field activities. Caskey returned to the States where he led a men’s group in various nefarious activities.

The Caskey Gang lieutenant, Adina Caskey, although not directly involved in these actions, fully supported them. Caskey then used his successes in these and other activities as leverage to enter the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary where he partook in clandestine operations. It appears as if this brazen bunch used many different Christian groups as cover for their activities. Jeremy was an under cover itinerant preacher in Kentucky, Pennsylvania and South Carolina. He made missionary trips to Sikkim, India and Cordoba, Mexico and no one fully understands what he smuggled back to the states. Unsuspecting church leaders across this great nation allowed them to use their spaces for unspecified activities, among these were Kenwood Baptist Church, Waller Baptist Church, Riverdale Baptist Church and Yigo Baptist Church in Yigo, Guam.

The jury found all members of the Caskey Gang guilty on all charges. Judge Peter Marucus then sentenced the gang to 25 years to life at hard labor at the FBC Work Farm in Cameron County, Pennsylvania. Warden Richard Beck took charge of these hardened Christians on April 15, 2012 and immediately put them all to work. Jeremy will also serve as prison Chaplain. They will be paid a meager stipend for their work that can be used to support themselves. Warden Beck reports they will get increases in their allowances as productivity increases. USA TODAY will monitor this situation and report additional information as it becomes available. Please see Page A11 for additional information.