The Caskey Family

February 9, 2012, 1:09 pm
Filed under: Faith Baptist Emporium

Questions can often be the hardest and best parts of being a parent, a counselor, a friend, a pastor or pastor’s wife.  Here are a few of the most recent questions asked in our house lately:

  1. Do you have boogies in your ears?
  2. How much is this going to cost? (Micah, as we rolled the full grocery cart up to the register)
  3. Does my daughter need to be baptized?
  4. Am I still a Christian if. . . ?
  5. How can I worship a God who allowed xyz to happen to our family?
  6. Will I need to be baptized?
  7. Are we members?
  8. Aren’t we already members?
  9. How long are you going to preach for?
  10. Can I take your laundry and do it for you? (Yes, someone DID ask me this question!)
  11. Do you take anything in your coffee?  (Most common answer is “no, I drink coffee.)

In case any of you are wondering. . .at our house, it’s real life.  Some questions I can’t post here (the best and funniest ones, actually!)  As you can see, there have been many surprises, many joys, heartaches (mostly shared with us in others’ lives,) but the Body of Christ to share it all with.

On a sad note, the former pastor of Faith Baptist Church went to be with the Lord the day before yesterday.  We grieve for his family who miss him and all those in this community who were so lovingly ministered to by him for 25 years.