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Blessed are They That Wait
December 12, 2011, 9:33 pm
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Over the last several months we have waited, discovered, gotten answers, waited some more, passed milestones, and are still waiting some more.  We’ve waited for phone calls, letters, answers, responses, interviews, decisions from individuals, and decisions from groups.  Some days we think the answer is just around the corner and the waiting will be over.  But then it isn’t. 

But, just for perspective, it is said that it seems to take about an average of 6 months for churches to find and call a pastor.  So that means that it can take well over that time for a pastor to find a church oftentimes!  In case you start to feel sorry for us, we haven’t even started the process, if you want to compare us with “average.”  We’ve only been seriously searching and pursuing ministry positions for about three months now.  So the waiting may have just begun. 

Lately God has been showing us that we are not waiting on ANYONE or ANYTHING, but on God HIMSELF!  God has had our future planned out before the foundation of the world, and HE has chosen the perfect time to give us a place to serve in ministry.  I have been humbly reminded that this waiting thing is not just something to endure or grit my teeth through.  I am to wait on GOD, not for this to be over, or for an answer from a church, or a particular ministry position to open up.  My waiting is to be completely on God who controls all those things! 

Again, the words of Andrew Murray, in his book “Waiting on God” encouraged my heart tonight:

“Do you believe that in waiting on God, His greatness and your littleness suit and meet each other most wonderfully.  Just bow in emptiness and poverty and utter weakness, in humility and meekness and surrender to His will before His great glory, and be still.  As you wait on Him, God draws near.  He will reveal Himself as the God who will mightily fulfill His every promise.  And, let your heart continually take up the song: ‘Blessed are all they that wait for Him.’  My soul, wait thou only upon God!”