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I Came From the Shire
November 26, 2011, 9:25 pm
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I NEVER knew how fun it was to have a teenager AND toddlers in the house!

Uncle Jonathan Ahlgren enjoys debating 6-year-olds (Jeremy says it’s always fun to verbally spar with someone you KNOW you can beat!) and today was especially entertaining:

Jonathan to Elijah: “You aren’t a hobbit, your parents aren’t hobbits, so where did you come from?” 

Elijah: “Yeah, I know they aren’t hobbits, I came from the Shire.”

Uncle Johnny couldn’t keep a straight face.  He’d been fairly and squarely beat by the humor of a quick-thinking 6-year-old.  We all laughed, and took a quick ride to Waterfront Park where we enjoyed playing on the playground, a picnic of turkey sandwiches, and skateboard rides from Uncle Johnny.

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So precious! Thank God the Laughter makes the soul better like a medicine! You can never underestimate the thoughts and words of a 6 yrs old. Their minds work so different! That is so priceless!

Comment by kubicek1

Elijah’s hardly a toddler. Come to think of it, Micah barely qualifies. 🙂

Comment by Jeremy Caskey

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