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Is That Your Cape?
November 9, 2011, 6:52 pm
Filed under: Micah

Micah LOVES capes. After he wore out the one he got this summer I made him one for his birthday that he wears pretty much everywhere. We require him to take it off for bed, Sunday morning church, and during meals.

Today, Merry is helping me in the kitchen, wearing her apron when Micah walks in, and says, pointing at her apron, “oh, is that your cape, Merry?” Of course! Only logical, Micah!

When we go out, people always talk to Micah about his cape and smile at him. The other day someone asked him, “What’s your super power, Micah?” to which he matter-of-factly answered, “I don’t have any super powers.” Or does
he? Does cuteness count for a super power?

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I made the boys capes for a Halloween party, and they love them {before that, they found some old bibs and were wearing them backwards.}. It’s such a cute, boyish fascination!!

Comment by Kristin S. Waggy

I love it!! Kristin, I saw a bib that said “What fool put my cape on backwards?” I would love to see you embroider that on a bib!

Comment by icaskey

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