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Waiting CAN be Fun!
October 25, 2011, 6:40 pm
Filed under: family news, Ministry, Seminary

I remember time crawling by when I was a youngster. Now I smile when my children think that 60 days ’til their birthday is an eternity, or that waiting a few hours until their friend is available to play is pure torture.

Just like I smile over my children, I think God must be smiling over our family as we learn patience in a new way these days. Over the course of one day, we get asked many times what our plans are after seminary, or if we have heard anything final from any of the churches we have explored ministry opportunities with. I’m glad people ask. It means that they are concerned for us, and are interested in God’s work in our family.

However, we still wait.

I have been convicted over the last few weeks to wait with joy, to revel in the process, be faithful in the tasks God has given us now, and to not take something (even in my mind) that God has not given us yet. We fight against pride and presumption – which is easy to do at times when we are tempted to predict an outcome of this process.

It hit me the other day that even after Jeremy takes a ministry position (if God so chooses to bless us with one) I will need to do some of the same things I’m struggling to do faithfully now. I might as well learn in these days to do more faithfully the “little” things I have been assigned now. . .like cleaning my house, decluttering, purposefully spending time with friends, sharing Jesus more boldly, reading my Bible, praying fervently and constantly. . .the list goes on.

Funny how the solution I’m finding to my own struggle to wait is the same solution I give my children when they struggle to wait a few hours for a playdate: do something!

So I’m off – to meditate on Romans 8, declutter a closet, pack a few boxes and wrap some birthday gifts for Micah who turns three in a few days. I guess waiting CAN be fun!


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