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Easy Library Reading Log
May 27, 2011, 8:07 pm
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I just found the most amazing feature at our library, and enabled it online. It is called a “reading history” and tracks all the books you check out of the library. This is a homeschool diamond mine!

If you are anything like me, you check out and have every intention of keeping a reading log of all the good books you’ve read, but in my rush to get out the door to the library to return them before they are due, I always seem to miss this step. So it’s the end of the school year and I don’t have a log. . .or do I?

I checked, and I DO!! God is good, and this is a little proof of that for me this week. I’m printing off the list of all the books we’ve checked out and highlighting them different colors based on subjects, so if I want to go back to find a book, at least I can sort between history, science, art, toddler, etc. The list is going into a page protector at the back of this year’s portfolio for future reference (the portfolio is nothing fancy, just a cheap three-ring-binder full of page protectors where I stash tests, random samples of work and other proof of our progress throughout the year.)

Now I have a complete list of the books we’ve read that we don’t own – the ones we own usually get marked in the lesson plans, it’s the endless library pile that never makes it into the plans!

Library reading history: just a little bit of new technology I HAD to share with the world today!

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Wow. You really need to update! Haha, don’t you love it when people try to make you feel obligated to do an activity that didn’t even exist 20 years ago (or maybe it did, but I barely did, so I wouldn’t know!)! Anyway, if you get the time it might be nice to see some new pictures of the old and new things you’ve been up to and to see how gigantic your children have gotten lately! Love you all LOTS!

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