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Awesome Books are Easy to Find!

We have noticed that the quality of a book DOES determine how long ours enjoy listening. My children tend to prefer “living books” with good illustrations. I could make our favorite books list now, but it would take me days. And every family and child is different, so I thought I would post some links to some book lists that hold some of our most treasured book finds so you could peruse for yourself. I will update from time to time. We’ve not read everything on these lists, but have enjoyed many on each list. . .so we recommend them with the idea that perhaps you will find more good books here than you might find at your average grab and borrow trip to your local library.

To save money, we search online at our library, (have them delivered to the front desk so I can pop in and just pick up if we don’t have time to browse) check as many out as we can, and only buy if it is a true favorite. One would think that would keep our personal library to a minimum. No such thing in the Caskey house!

1. Five in a Row
2. Ambleside Online – for all ages, click on whichever age you are searching for
3. Sonlight’s Read-Aloud List
4. Charlotte Mason Read Around the Year List
5. Tapestry of Grace Book List generator (search by grades and time span you are studying)

Any comments or suggestions for other book lists??

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If you like nursery rhyme books there is a series called Read with me by Nick and Claire Page. My grand daughter loved the series:Rumpelstiltskin, Jack and the Beanstalk, The Elves and the Shoemaker, 3 billy Goats Gruff, Gingerbread Fred and Snow White. Each has activities and parents guide at the end of the book.
Books about Froggy by Jonathan London is another good series. It deals with a lot of new firsts. and very cute and illustrated for younger kids. here are some of the titles:Froggy Goes to the Doctor, Froggy Gets Dressed, Froggy Eats Out, Froggy Goes to School, Froggy Learns to Swim, Froggy’s Baby Sister, Froggy Goes to Bed, Froggy Takes a Bath, Froggy’s Best Christmas and many more.
Her very first book was My Dog by Angela Joy. It is the story of a boy who wants a dog and each page has a different dog with touchy feely things like types of fur and ears etc. She is 7 now and reads it to her bubba who is 2.
These are just some of their favorites. Thought some of these might interest you guys!

Comment by Janie

Yay! Thank you Janie!

Comment by icaskey

Veritas Press has a great catalog too. I rely heavily on them. 🙂 –Jill

Comment by snipsandsnails

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