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I Love Merry and Cheese Balls
March 20, 2011, 3:09 pm
Filed under: family news

Micah mumbles with his mouth full of cheese balls: “I love Merry and cheese balls,” so I ask Merry, “did he just say he loves you and cheese balls?” She nods at me and whispers to him, “I love you too.”

Elijah started giving “man hugs” a few days ago (side hugs with a head leaned in) and told me that he couldn’t kiss me because I wasn’t his wife. Today he started “taking notes” in church. This consisted of him putting tally marks next to particular words on a list when the pastor said them. He’s growing up too fast!

Everyone said the baby and toddler days would be gone quickly. And so they are!

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Comment by Jenn Philpot

What can you say except Elijah, Merry, and Micah are TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!

xoxoxoxo missing you guys heap xoxoxoxoxoxox

Comment by Grandma Rebecca & Mr. Mark

Hilarious! Thank you for the early morning laughs.

Comment by cteldridge

Oh, that’s HILARIOUS! Elijah is quite the little man. We might need to ask him to “take notes” during PraiseFactory on Wednesday night!

Comment by Bethany Breland

“Man hugs”… Ahahahaha! That made my day! I miss you all!!! ❤

Comment by Risa Ahlgren

Thank you for the much needed smiles, I love these stories of the kids, and yes they are growing up too fast!

Comment by Deb Parsons

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