The Caskey Family

Can’t Keep a Rhythm!
February 23, 2011, 12:31 pm
Filed under: family news

. . .of blogging, but we are shaking and moving around here!

We have been trying to be very disciplined about school, and we are gearing up to graduate Elijah from Kindergarten and test him for readiness for first grade. Merry is growing in her artistic abilities, showing quite a creative and artistic bent. Micah is working on being toilet trained, so though we may not be blogging, we are busy nonetheless!

We have purchased Rod and Staff curriculum for Micah and Merry for preschool and Kindergarten for next school year, and also for Elijah starting on first grade next month most likely. We are using Math-U-See for him right now and LOOOOOVE it!! It is amazing how much he is learning and how much he enjoys it. I will use it for Merry for Kindergarten and continue in first grade with Elijah also.

Jeremy is doing well on school, he picked up an extra class in the winter term, making his total for the winter “break” 9 credits! He is trucking toward graduation and we are enjoying having him around more since his languages are done.

I have enjoyed reading “Marriage to a Difficult Man” about Sarah Edwards as Jeremy does his class on Jonathan Edwards. It has been good to read of the struggles of ministry at that time in history. I am blessed to be able to enjoy so many sweet and godly women as my friends here.

Please pray for us, that we would be know and be obedient to God’s call on our lives for ministry when we are done here, and that we would be faithful to serve Him here in the meantime. Please also pray for our children, that they would be given eyes to see their sin and a heart of faith to trust Jesus as the payment for that sin.