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Contentment Examination – Part 3: Something to DO!

At least for me, I have found so much of contentment to be about my heart. (See Part I and Part 2) However, in the end, God does call me to action in many instances, to battle contentment practically. If my perspective is in view of heaven and Christ and HIS work in and around me, I find the other stuff comes more easily. And when I’m thinking God’s thoughts, things tend to spiral more upward than the other direction.

Now for the nitty-gritty questions:

Am I. . .

12. Spending time daily with God? (and continuing to pray)
(Psalm 1)

13. Doing what I can?
Ephesians 5:15
I’m talking practical here! Are you getting enough sleep, eating well, drinking enough water, are you seeking godly wisdom in working out the problem, if there is one, are you gathering regularly to worship God with other believers? If someone has offered suggestions or a solution, have you at least TRIED it?

14. Serving others selflessly and striving to become a better wife, mother, woman, etc?
1 Cor. 7:4-5, 34b 1 Cor. 7, Eph 5:10

15. Saying “no” to bitterness and resentment?
Ephesians 4:26-27, 31
If you are playing an event or situation over and over in your mind, or hoping something bad would happen to someone or in a certain circumstance, it is likely that you have let bitterness take root.

16. Exercising patience?
James 5:7-8, Psalm 37
Waiting is hard. Beg God for patience and start ACTING patient, even if you don’t feel it!

Please share other questions you ask yourself, or suggestions for battling contentment. . .these are only the musings of ONE woman wanting to walk in contentment with her God! May God grant us grace, discipline, and a heart of submission to the work HE is doing in us!

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Thank you for posting. Your series on contentment has been s helpful for me!

Comment by Kristin

Thank you for sharing these three posts! I need to print these out and put them on my nightstand!
… Wish you lived closer! We love you lots!

Comment by ( : David'sKate : )

Contentment…God seems to use this issue many times to get our attention. Sometimes He uses discontentment to spur us on to a greater purpose…His purpose. I guess, one of the examples that comes to mind is the disciples. They were content to just stay put, and only teach the people around them, but God used discontentment (physical/emotional struggles) to move them to the place(s) that He wanted them to be, and to get their focus back where it needed to be as well.

But more often the case with me, is that God uses my discontentment to show the sin in my life. I, too, really must examine my thoughts. Have you seen “that kid”? You know, the kid in the store who throws a fit because she can’t get the toy or candy that wanted, or because she wants to go one way, but her parent is telling her to go the other way. Come on, we all know “that kid”. I used to look down on “that kid”. But now I don’t, because I know, I am “that kid”. That’s me. That’s what my relationship with God looks like sometimes because I’m discontent with what He’s given me, or I don’t like the way He’s telling me to go, and I want to do what I want to do, when I want to do it.

That’s one of the reasons why I appreciated the questions you raised. They are relevant, and thought-provoking. Thank you for providing scripture references as well. It brings these questions, once again, to mind for me: Whose will do I want? For what purpose am I living? If the answer is “my own”, then yes, I’m going to be battling discontentment my whole life for God’s ways are higher than ways, and in my own strength, I will never be content to do the things He wants! But if God is my portion, and if my strength lies in Him alone, then I must continually submit my will to His. I have to trust Him, thank Him, and accept that which He gives me because He is the One giving it. He is my God…and I will serve Him, come what may, for my contentment is found only in Him. Help us, oh Lord, to be faithful to You.

Comment by Debra

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